Everybody Should Just Love Everybody

Noah Schafer

The Paw Print

I’ve been noticing that people have been getting less and less polite as the years go by. I’m talking on the basis of guys to women and women to guys. Now of days if you are polite to a girl and still have some chivalry, it means you like them. Which is true sometimes; when you are good to a girl it means that you do kind of like them or it just means that they are your mom, grandma, or sisters. But there is never the good guy holding the door open for some ladies just because he’s polite. Guys never give a girl a compliment just cause anymore. Guys don’t do these things anymore because either they don’t like the girl or they are afraid. Yes afraid. Most guys think that if they do these things for a girl, she will think of them differently. They will think of them sometimes as a pervert, a thirsty guy, or a guy that they could see themselves with. Sometimes guys don’t want to be your boyfriend, they just want to be nice.

Now I realize that there are two sides to this argument. Women aren’t as nice anymore either. They just don’t go and talk to men and have a pleasant conversation. They don’t hang out with dudes just for fun. I’m not a girl so I wouldn’t know why they do these things. I have two theses though. The first is the stereotype that comes with this politeness. There are some girls that are like this. But many people refer to them as flirts and friendly to many of a man’s needs (if you know what I mean). Which is understood. Many women have a reputation to uphold and a standard of themselves they are proud of. My next thesis is that when women are polite, men take it the completely wrong way. I can speak from personal experience with this. This other girl and I were good friends. We were always nice to each other and giving each other compliments and doing things of that sort. I started reading too much into it. I actually thought that she liked me. I couldn’t see that she was just being a nice person and probably did the same things to other people. So I finally got the nerve to ask her out. I was totally confident because of my blindness. She told me I was a really good friend and she didn’t ever want a relationship. I had been friend zoned. This happens to a lot of guys. But more times than not, it’s our fault. We read into some things too much. Acts of kindness for us become more than they have to be.

Even with the things I have stated above, I urge everybody to be more polite to each other. Hold the door open for people, give somebody a compliment, and hang out with them more as friends. It doesn’t mean they like you any more or less than anybody else. Guys, if a girl is being nice to you, don’t take as a sign of affection. More times than not they don’t mean anything by it. Girls, if a guy has some chivalry and gives you a compliment, don’t take it as an awkward sign of affection. Don’t think of him any differently than you did before. A lot of times he’s not thirsty or perverted. Having said that can people be nicer to each other?

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