Energy Symposium

Cody Schuman
The Paw Print

Adams State College Community Partnerships will be hosting energy expert, Bill Powers, P.E., to discuss local energy issues. Powers is internationally recognized for his efforts throughout much of the southwestern United States, as well as, various foreign countries.

SLV Alliances for Renewable Communities, SLV Ecosystem Council, and the Water Protection Coalition Solar Working Group have teamed up with Community Partnerships to bring Powers in to help discuss a variety of local energy issues concerning the San Luis Valley.

Powers has shown a great deal of analysis and expertise concerning large transmission and solar energy generation proposals. He has also offered his extended knowledge to private energy product developers all across the globe, assisting anywhere from managing production to testing and monitoring equipment.

Powers has also been the author of several well-respected reports concerning the conservation and usage of energy sources. In his report, “San Diego Smart Energy 2020: the 21st Century Alternative,” Powers lays out a very detailed energy proposal that would cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50 percent by 2020. The plan also includes ideas that would increase renewable energy.  

 “We aim to increase the public knowledge and felicitate community discussion on various local energy matters with this event,” Karl Jolliff, the Business Support Director with Community Partnerships, says of the event.

Local stakeholders will address, “Building our Energy Security from Within,” following Powers’ talk. It is expected that they will then open up for community discussion at this time. Your input will be valued.

The symposium will be held on Saturday, March 6, in Porter Hall room 130 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. There is no cost of admission; however, registration is encouraged. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet