Deer Shooting at a Standstill

Samantha Saville
The Paw Print

Five poor, innocent deer were shot in front of Richardson Hall last spring. The deer shooting on campus happened almost six months ago, and the case is now at a standstill.
The campus was ravaged by a crazed lunatic in late April in the early morning.  No one knows how many people were involved in this incident, and it seems like no one is that interested in finding out anymore. The five deer were not only shot but also stabbed. This is potentially the most horrendous and largest inner city poaching crime that this state has ever seen.  The reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or people involved is $5000. This is a very generous reward offered by the Department of Wildlife and Adams State College. However, no one has come forward with any information. Does no one want $5000? I mean seriously isn’t this the world run by money? I don’t really know why nothing is being done about whoever killed those deer. It is one thing to go out into the woods dressed in orange and kill a deer for meat and a completely different thing to kill deer on campus in the wrong season. And for what purpose? For fun?
The police even had a lead.  Someone called them the day after the shooting and told them about men in the bushes. They didn’t find the guys. They claimed that they had nothing to go on. I guess the CSI shows on T.V. do portray a world where crimes are much easier to solve. Maybe they are unrealistic, but you would think that the police here would have a little better idea than they do. The police even did a necropsy on all five of the deer and still nothing. They did not even realize that the deer were stabbed until they opened them up.
I will give the campus police one thing, they did clean up the crime scene before anyone saw. This is a good thing because from what I can imagine, it would have been a bloody awful mess. Whoever did this was sick, and given that it was last spring and the school year has changed, I’m sure that whoever was involved in this heinous crime is long gone. The reward is still in effect but really, what information can anyone give at this point? Even if someone does have information about the person responsible, if they left the state no way will they expedite to get that person back.
The police are no longer working on this case and no one, I’m sure,  is going to magically come up with information on that night now. Even if they do, it might not be reliable anymore since it was over six months ago. Besides, the police have bigger things to worry about like protecting us with all the construction around, not to mention the daily things they do for our campus.

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  1. It really ticks me off that this case remains unsolved! Are the police truly not working on this case anymore? When you say police do you mean campus police or alamosa police? I wonder if there is anything we, as students can do? is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet