Conversation by Molina was a Huge Hit

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Reggie Thompson
The Paw Print

Rapper and spoken word poet, Molina visited the Adams State campus on September 20th  in what he would call a “conversation” held in Carson Auditorium.
In his poems, Molina speaks truthfully on today’s culture, including societal divisions, education, politics, dreams, activism, and futurism while sharing his experiences with friendships, love, and childhood memories.  He passionately performed such workings “Being Brown,” where he exemplified pride in his heritage and upbringing that centered around hard work, as well as “Brown Is Beautiful,” that expanded beyond pride in Mexican culture into that of minorities as a whole.
One idea he focused on was the concept behind his new collection of poetry called “Build 2020 Manifesto.”  Here, he relays the claim that within the next 10 years, this society will undergo 100 years worth of change.
In his website biography Molina said that “Things are shifting culturally, socially, politically, economically and environmentally.  People feel this transition and the anxiety associated with the rapidly shifting landscape.  How do we keep up, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, with such a rapid pace of social change?”
Molina’s purpose for this manifesto is to not necessarily discourage technological growth or influence those away from these devices, but to encourage its users to not let these advances “own us” and to build toward a future that is less dehumanizing.
In his career, the poet has traveled to many colleges and universities ranging from Washington State University to Lamar State College of Texas and Colorado University at Boulder sharing his strong perspectives everywhere he goes.
To add to his resume, Molina “wears different hats” as it were.  He considers himself a youth advocate, community activist, and is a disciple of the Green Movement.  Molina recently served as the Music Supervisor for “Papers”, a documentary film about youth which has now screened in all 50 states. Molina teaches college level Chicano Studies, Hip-Hop Studies, and Media Studies courses. He lectures nationally and is a lead instructor for Flobots.Org, teaching after-school programs for Denver youth and developing curriculum for the organization’s Art to Action program.
His website says that ,“Molina constantly reaffirms the power of Hip-Hop while steadily proving that it’s bigger than the music he loves.”
This former law student, has released two albums “Mood Static” (2010) and “Gut Feeling” (2011).  To hear, download, and share these releases along with singles “Southwest Heartthrob – Bay Breeze” and “Children of the Ghetto,” or to learn more about Molina visit his website is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet