Construction Continues at ASC, Dorms Remain Unfinished

Kim Vialpando
The Paw Print

As many of you have noticed there have been a lot of changes going on at ASC. A new stadium, apartments, and soccer/lacrosse field, and there is more to come.
The new rooms in the Rex apartments are finished and should be occupied later this week. Locker rooms will be finished and ready for use in three weeks.The restaurant located in this new building should be completed by December, along with the closure by the parking lot.
The new soccer and lacrosse field is almost complete, as well as the softball field. The softball field will be completed and ready when the season comes along.
Girault is mostly complete except for a few odds and ends. The construction crew just has to fix some flooring and the ceiling. Currently, the ceiling is just black concrete, but they will fix this over the Thanksgiving vacation.
All the landscape around Girault and dorms will take place in the spring when the weather permits it.
New changes coming to Adams are the renovation to the ES Building, music building, and Leon Memorial Concert Hall.
The plans for the ES are already developed and the walk-through with the contractors is set for November 11, and the bids on November 30.
The entire first floor of the ES will be what is called “the heart” of the building; it will be its center. It will have a lounge area and computer lab. The second and third floor will have more classrooms and offices. All specialized classrooms will be on the east, and general classes on the west.
The changes happening to the music room should start in March or February depending on weather.
An addition of 3,225 square feet will be added on to the east of the music building,  with glass panels which will allow natural light to the interior.There will be four more practice rooms, a percussion room, and two rehearsal halls. Also, a new recording studio and the rooms will also be sound proof.
All the seating in Leon Memorial Concert will be replaced. A sound booth and recording equipment will be installed in the hall. The lighting, sound insulation and ventilation will be upgraded and improved. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet