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Overlook Hot Springs Spa, Pagosa Springs

Alana Dylan 

The Paw Print

Overlook Hot Springs, located an hour and forty-five minutes west of Alamosa, is one of four hot springs available in Pagosa Springs. Since it’s winter now, you could plan to ski at Wolf Creek Ski Area then head down the opposite side of the pass for dinner at one of the many delicious restaurant options and of course a soak at the Overlook. Lodging options in all price ranges are readily available because tourists dominate this town.

Overlook Hot Springs Spa is unusual in that the hot mineral water is pumped to the second floor pools in a downtown historic building. The diminutive double doors at the entrance and intricate tiling give a taste of the ambience to come. The foyer houses a long counter with beverages of all types as well as a few snack options, all of which are surprisingly fairly priced. If you forgot your suit or flip-flops, peruse the clothing racks for some tasteful options. Day passes are only $12, which is a bargain considering the relative luxury that the Overlook offers.

Pass through the curtain and into the corridor that takes you past the first floor pools. Two very hot pools, around 104-106 degrees, on the right are separated by a cold plunge and the secluded pools on the left are usually in a mid-range temperature, around 100-102 degrees, and have chaise lounges built into the pool.

Walk past these pools to the changing rooms. Further down this same hallway are the massage rooms. The changing rooms are tastefully decorated with Victorian-styled touches, including the tiny tiles on the floor and walls, fluted porcelain sinks, and shuttered stalls. Plenty of lockers are available, and locks are available for $1 at the front desk.

On this particular visit, I donned my suit and headed directly to the rooftop to catch the last rays of the setting sun with a tasty beverage. At the top of the stairway, there is a private pool to the right and a dry sauna. The private pool doesn’t appeal to me because the privacy walls obstruct the almost 360 degree mountain views, but to each their own! Directly in front of the stairway, there are a few more steps that lead to two mid-sized pools. These two pools are generally within a few degrees of each other, so I usually pick the pool with the least amount of company. This visit, I was blessed to share my pool with a schoolteacher on sabbatical who was coming to the conclusion that she must move to Colorado and be surrounded by majestic mountains every day of the year, and a couple from Texas who vowed to take a two week vacation every other month. Least to say the company is always entertaining! With the sun fully set, and stars covered by clouds, I decided to move to the secluded pools downstairs for less talk and more relaxation.

The employees here are friendly and go out of their way to please. During my visit they checked the water temperature with their infrared temperature gauges and offered to adjust it warmer or cooler to suit my tastes. I have also seen them bring refills to the rooftop decks so patrons don’t have to brave the cool air to walk downstairs!

Back downstairs, the seclusion pool is surrounded on three sides by walls illuminated by a small light fixture and groups of candles on shelves on each of the three walls. The dim lighting and built in chaise lounges are the ultimate in relaxation. I stayed here for quite some time meditating and enjoying the quiet as I sipped my chilled water. I finally emerged, relaxed and renewed ready to brave the end of semester chaos and headed back to the changing room.

The changing rooms here house a steam shower. This is a huge plus if you are averse to the smell of the minerals on your skin. Simply pop in the steam room for a few minutes to clear your pores. I appreciate the healing quality of the mineral waters and choose to leave them on my skin for as long as possible.

On your way out, don’t forget to sign the Guest Book located to the east of the front doors.

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