College Checkred: To the Men in My Life, Thank You

Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print

To the guy that always keeps things in perspective: Who grounds me when my heart and head go completely haywire during an emotional break down. The man who tells me, “shut the hell up and lets go get a damn beer” during my soapbox speech of how much I hate the opposite sex. Thank you.
To the guy who picks up all my broken pieces: Who doesn’t judge me when he comes over and see’s me in my sweat pants with a spoon for my ice cream in one hand, and “Pride and Prejudice” DVD in the other. The man who crawls into bed with me and takes a vow saying he will never leave my room again. Thank you.
To the guy that gives me the slap of reality across the face: Who doesn’t baby me, or bullshit me during a crisis. The man who constantly redefines ‘heartless asshole’, and gives me the kick in the ass to quit feeling sorry for myself. Which makes me more pissed off than upset, then realize that was his intention all along. Thank you.
To the guy who just listens and offers no advice: Who will listen to every chronic question, bitch filled insult, and sarcastic undertone without interrupting me or leave me in mid-sentence. The man that understands all I need is somebody to hear me, not guide me. Thank you.
To the guy who used to be just my ex boyfriend and through every apocalyptic fight, somehow crossed into a friendship. Just being able to do that is monumental. Thank you.
I love every single one of you. And life would be a lot harder for me if I didn’t have your hearts, minds, characteristics, or ability to be there within our friendship. You make me a better person, a better woman, and even more so, a happier one.
Regardless of where our lives might take us, even if it’s on separate paths, you’ve made a dent in mine. Good or bad, I will never regret having you. Thank you. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet