College Checkered: Looking Back on 2011

Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print
Welcome back, my faithful readers! I hope you all had a wonderful break and you’re settling in nicely in your dorms/apartments and enjoying all your new and exciting classes. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this past year and have come up with a list about life, people and happiness. I’d like to share it with all of you and remember to e-mail me:
Spend more time with people that both challenge and respect you.
Fight for what matters.
Join a movement.
Read more. Especially things you disagree with.
Learn something from everyone.
Do what you say you will do. It seems no one is reliable anymore.
Learn a new language.
Keep people around you that will tell you the truth.
Get a passport and fill it up with stamps no one has ever seen.
Scare yourself a little bit every day. It will expand your inner map.
Be humble and curious.
Repeat people’s names when you meet them.
Always remember those who helped you. Deliver two or three times as much value back.
Your stories are both more and less interesting than you think. Share them and listen to others.
Apologize more than you need to.
Do things that are uncool. Later on, they usually end up becoming cool anyway.
Tell your crush you like them.
Examine your jealousy. You will learn a lot about yourself.
Don’t talk so negatively about others.
Dress like a cooler version of yourself.
Learn how to speak in public.
Give genuine compliments and accept those that are given to you.
Learn about politics.
Dress up on a random day just because.
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