College Checkered: Letter Dedicated to You, Wherever You May Be

Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print


Dear YOU,
Wonderful, adoring, beautiful, you, I can’t wait until we meet someday. I’m not waiting around in my room for someone like you, I’m out dating, meeting new people, and I guess in a way, growing somewhat before we become something. You see, we’re going to be amazing one day. Maybe not tomorrow, possibly not the next day, and more than likely not this year, because I haven’t met you yet, I have no clue that we will; I’m just a girl who dabbles in optimism with a cloudy non-readable crystal ball sitting in her hands. But for the sake of my hopeless romantic side, I’m writing to you.
Up until the day we are introduced to one another, I’m probably going to be a complete mess. Actually, let me not start out this relationship with a lie, I’m still probably going to be a mess with you. Just, more manageable. I’m going to have my shit somewhat together, and you will too. At least, we both can hope, right? We’re going to have some bumps… in the road, we’ll have rough patches to push through, but we’ll be doing it together. I’m hoping you’re going to be the person that I can grow up with. Do adult stuff with. Hold a holiday dinner party at our place for our families with. Be able to slap our faces with our equally adorable dogs (or cat, you might be a cat lover, I’m open to any other domestic animal of your choice) on a photo shopped Christmas card where everyone has laser eyes and holding light sabers in outer space.
I’m going to love you. Adore you. And make you my unwilling soundboard for every outlandish idea that I have. I will accept you, embrace you, and cheer you on with every endeavor you will into life. I want to experience life with you. I’m already having an amazing experience independently and I’m going to come to you with an appetite for more. I want to share that with you, and want you to be apart of my adventures. I want to come home after a long day of work, ask you to get in the shower with me, and lean up against you while you form my hair into a shampooed Mohawk. I want to climb into bed, rub your shoulders, kiss the back of your neck, and look forward to another morning I get to wake up next to you.
We’ll be independent within our relationship. I’ll understand your need for space, and you’ll understand my need for stillness. We’ll have common friends, and we’ll have different friends. I want you to feel like you have something of your own, something you can be stingy and selfish with. Because prior to me meeting you, I will learn that when you’re in a serious relationship and you share everything, when you break up, you feel like you’ve lost everything. It’s a horrible feeling. And even though I’m optimistic there will never be an end to our story, things do happen, and I will never want you or me to ever feel like we have nothing.
Right now you’re out there. You’re probably in a relationship, or you’re probably dating, or you’re probably single just like me. We more than likely haven’t even crossed paths yet, but if we have, I’m sure we’ll find each other again. But I know you’re there. Not because I’ve been watching way too many foreign romance films, or that I believe in fate, but because I know I have something great to give to someone. I am someone great for somebody. And that somebody is you. So wherever you are in whatever part of the world, I hope you’re experiencing life and soaking up all the adventures you’re having. I’m anticipating the day when we’ll be in bed together and I can hear all your stories while watching your face light up in excitement. Until then, sleep well, and I look forward to meeting you. Someday.
Love always,
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