Club Requirements

Nicole Plowright
South Coloradan

Joining a club or an organization is the easiest way for a student to get involved on campus. However, when a student joins one of these groups, what exactly are they getting into? When a club becomes an active club through AS&F, meaning they receive funding from AS&F for their activities, they agree to participate in all homecoming events, the volunteer fair, ASC Cares Day, Halloween events, and Grizzly Days. Clubs also agree to do two fundraisers and two community service projects. No club wants to lose money so they just go along with the requirements.

I know from experience that these past two weeks all my focus was on homecoming. Not only was my club supposed to be participating in all the events, but I had also had to attend everything because I was representing us for royalty. The week before homecoming I focused on preparing for all the events. I had to put together and practice for the medicine show, build a float, set up a campaign and figure out what to stuff a fence with. Then, on the actual week of homecoming, I had something homecoming related every day.  On Sunday it was the medicine show dress rehearsal to show that our club is somewhat prepared to take on the week. On Monday it was the Chalk the Walk and the beginning of campaigning. Tuesday brought musical bingo; this event was not a requirement but it is one of those “show your face so they know you care” events. On Wednesday I attended the medicine show, which is the first event that is judged for a club to possibly get more money. On Thursday the bonfire took place. On Friday came stuffing the chain link fence around the stadium to show school spirit, and this, too, is a judged event. On Saturday was the parade in the morning with judging of the floats, and in the afternoon we watched the game and heard the announcement of who won royalty.  That night was the social, which someone from the club must be at to represent the club and to find out overall winners.

Each year, while all this is happening, all clubs must follow a packet of rules. Rules that are broken could lead to disqualification from an event or docking of points.

This is just one hoop that clubs are required to jump through. Clubs still have to complete all of the requirements in order to get funding every year. At the last AS&F senate meeting, October 5, a bill was proposed to modify the requirements of clubs to receive funding. The bill proposed that clubs would not be required to participate in all the homecoming events, and that they would get to chose one other academic event to participate in. The bill was rejected, not because senate did not agree that club requirements are too much, but because it was not specific enough. The goal is that after consulting club presidents and club members a new bill will be drafted and presented to the senate.

Personally, from an active member of a club’s perspective, I think being required to partake in all events to continue to be funded is too much. I like the idea that we would not have to do everything, and that we would get a say in what we do. It would be less stressful, and would allow clubs to focus more on why they are a club. To voice your opinion about club requirements talk to a senator or a club president. With enough student support to modify club requirements a new bill can be drafted and voted on. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet