Christopher O’Brien Will Speak At Nielsen

ALAMOSA (April 29) – Author of “The Mysterious Valley,” and many other works, Christopher O’Brien will speak at the final lecture in the Earth, Water, and Sky series. Sponsored by Adams State University Nielsen Library and the Adventure Program, the presentation begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 5, in the library on the second floor. The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

The San Luis Valley (SLV) in South Central Colorado/North Central New Mexico may very well be America’s most anomalous region. No other region in North America has a variety and intensity of documented unexplained occurrences, and in this presentation, O’Brien presents a virtual guided tour of America’s best-kept paranormal secret, “America’s Mysterious Valley: A Guided Journey through North America’s Most Anomalous Region.” Perched at the top of North America at 7,500 feet; completely ringed by majestic mountains, the remote SLV is the world’s largest valley. His presentation covers a litany of phenomenal occurrences reported there including: UFOs, unexplained animal deaths, abductions, crop and tree circles, haunted houses, Native American myths and legends, bigfoot and other unexplained creatures, religious miracles, witches and sorcerers and other fantastic mysteries. In addition he addresses United States government involvement monitoring this paranormal activity, including secret underground bases, covert aerial/ground operations and psychological operations enacted on unsuspecting residents of America’s mysterious San Luis Valley.

From 1992 to 2002 journalist O’Brien investigated and/or logged hundreds of unexplained events reported in the majestic San Luis Valley. Working with law enforcement officials from area counties, ex-military members, ranchers and an extensive network of skywatcher/investigators, he documented what may have been the most intense wave of unexplained activity ever seen in a single region of North America. His ten-plus year investigation resulted in the three books of his “mysterious valley” trilogy, The Mysterious Valley, Enter the Valley, (both St. Martin’s Press) and Secrets of the Mysterious Valley. His field investigation of UFO reports, unexplained livestock deaths, Native American legends, cryptozoological animals, secret military activity and the folklore, found in the world’s largest alpine valley, has produced one of the largest databases of unusual occurrences gathered from a single geographic region.

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