Christian Challenge: “Recreation”

By. Antonio Griego

Christian Challenge kicked off their first annual praise night last Saturday, with a night of “Recreation” for Adams State students.

Christian Challenge is a campus ministry that is open to serve all students who want to test their faith, by dissecting parts of the Bible, and also to live a Christ-like life.

“Christian Challenge is open to all, and all are welcome,” said Pastor Cody Biby.

Christian Challenge is run by the ministry leader and pastor, Cody Biby and Kalen Malueg. It is a small group on campus that wishes to increase in members and size as time goes on, as well as become a well-known campus ministry over time.  

They meet every Thursday at 6:30pm in Coronado Hall to provide scripture of the Bible as well as serve free meals to those who attend.

Christian Challenge also holds services every Sunday in the Highrise Commons at 10:00am for students of Christian faith.

“Recreated” was a live Christian music show that was planned by freshman Jasmina Martinez, a Christian Challenge student member. With the help of ministry leaders Cody Biby and Kalen Malueg, Jasmina put together this free show in Carson Auditorium for students around campus. The campus ministry came together with Del Norte’s Gateway Church for an evening of live Christian music. Gateway Church generously provided all instruments, audio, and practice space in preparation for the event. The members managed to set up and take down all of the sound equipment on the day of the event.

Jasmina Martinez had been planning this event for three and a half months, meeting with Challenge leaders, and coming up with ideas about the show as well as the area where they wanted it to take place.

“This event didn’t go as I initially planned it to go. The attendance wasn’t as high as I hoped, but it was still an incredible experience!” said Jasmina. She plans to do a lot more promoting for future events so that many more students will be in attendance.

There were 53 audience members in attendance for the event, in support of Christian Challenge and Gateway Church’s band.

Many of the individuals in the audience were students who attend Christian Challenge regularly, but there were also many locals there to support family members who were performing in the event.

Jasmina went on to say, “Unfortunately, when there are other events happening on campus, students are not quick to acknowledge the event involving religion.”

Adams State Christian Challenge plans to have one praise night each semester for those students who would like to experience Christian faith through a night of music. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet