“Brrr” Season

“Brrr” Season

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It’s a “brrr” season in Alamosa, CO with temperatures as low as -18 degrees on a daily basis. But that doesn’t stop your Adams State Grizzlies as class continues to proceed, and professors continue on with lectures. Students have taken on this weather in a positive manner even though it’s freezing. All the snow on the ground provides a motivation for students to walk to class and continue on with getting their education.

I asked Calvin Henderson, a football player from Dallas, Texas, how he is adjusting to the weather considering the change in environment from Texas to Colorado. He responded, “it’s been crazy adjusting to the cold coming from Texas. You grow up thinking that a hoodie is good enough to get by the winter, and then you learn that is not the case for Alamosa.” With Alamosa being one of the coldest spots in the nation, according to NWSPueblo Twitter page, we have reached a nation low of -24 degrees with 7 inches on the ground. Michael Morales, another football player from Chino Hills, California, a warmer place like Texas, said, “This semester has started off tough for me because of the cold weather. There is almost a lack of motivation in a way to go to class because it’s so cold outside.” I believe everyone can agree to that. So I took my research to a Colorado native, thinking that she will have different thoughts than those of students from warmer places. Bailey Sessions, a Colorado native from just outside of Denver, also stated that “it’s harder to find motivation to get to class with the weather being so bitter cold.”

The same answers flourished throughout the campus, everyone is adjusting to the cold winter that Alamosa is presenting to us. However, students are still finding a way to be motivated to get to class. Sometimes you see students in three different jackets layered on top of each other or others who have a really big coat. Either way, spring 2019 will continue to freeze up as it keeps moving forward. We are almost in February now and we still have 7 inches of snow on the ground and thick layers of ice on the road. At this rate I believe the snow will be on the ground until the Class of 2019 graduates in May.

That’s quite a motivation to live up to. Calvin also finds another way that motivates him. “Seeing all the snow is different because so far, almost every day has been a record in being the coldest days I’ve experienced. This semester has been good in terms of having to adjust to something you’re not used to. Sort of take it as a challenge!” And Michael uses the football team and his teammates as motivation to keep him going to class and getting his education to proceed to next fall.

It’s important for all students to find a motivation to get through the cold. It is so tempting to lay in the warm bed and be lazy all day. But get up and get active because there are still plenty of activities going on around campus, such as the Rex Gym, which is still open from 6am-8pm. Get those spring break and summer bodies ready! It will be here before you know it.


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