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Stacy Taylor 

The Paw Print

Are you working on an exciting research project for one of your courses? Are you looking for a way to stand out from the crowd when applying to graduate school? Have you ever thought you’d give a great TED talk?

Consider taking part in Student Scholar Days! Student Scholar Days is an annual, multidisciplinary,btwo-day conference that is intended to highlight academic achievements of the undergraduate students at Adams State University.

Student Scholar Days provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to present their research in front of their peers and the wider community. Presenters get real world experience in preparing research, writing effective abstracts, and honing their presentation skills. Past participants indicated feeling a tremendous sense of accomplishment from having completed a successful project.

Past presentations have covered a diverse array of topics, including a Freudian interpretation of Anakin Skywalker’s path to the dark side, poverty and food security, a constitution for the world, and the impact of marijuana on student success. The 8th annual Student Scholar Days event will be held April 2-3, 2015.

This year, for the first time, students will have the option of doing either an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Students doing oral presentations will be allocated 20 minutes, including time for questions and comments. All presentations will be recorded and made available on ASU’s YouTube page. Posters will be on display for the entire two day event, and presenters should be prepared to give a brief 2-5 minute explanation of their research. Group presentations are encouraged for both oral and poster presentations.

Students who wish to participate in Student Scholar Days will need to identify a faculty mentor. Mentors will advise participants on submitting their applications, provide feedback in practicing for the event, and generally serve as a resource for presenters. Faculty and staff are eager to work with students on specialized research projects and students should not hesitate to contact prospective mentors to consider an undertaking of this kind. One-on-one research projects are also an excellent opportunity for mentors to learn more about a student’s individual research interests and abilities. Students are also encouraged to contact Adams State librarians, who are experts in performing in-depth research and are always happy to provide individual assistance.

The deadline to apply for Student Scholar Days is 5:00 pm on February 23,

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