ASU Student Will Compete in National Pagent

Maya Ramirez

The Paw Print

ALAMOSA (April 22) – Keara Collester, sophomore at Adams State University, received the title of Miss Colorado American Coed 2015 Queen in March, 2015. As the Miss Colorado Coed, Collester will attend the National Pageant for her age group in Florida at Walt Disney World during the week of Thanksgiving 2015. She will compete for the National Pageant title of Miss American Coed and thousands of dollars in cash awards, prizes and scholarships.

Nationwide, State Winners and State Pageant Finalists will compete in the 32nd  annual national scholarship competition organized by American Coed Pageants, Inc. National Talent, Speech, Academic Achievement, Community Service, Photogenic, Personality, Modeling, Acting, Cover Girl and Hostess Contests will be held in addition to the National Pageant Winner’s Contest. Since 1983, millions of dollars in cash awards and prizes have been presented to outstanding girls at state and national competitions.

Collester has competed in 12 pageants, since her freshman year in high school. “The highest award available is the national title. When a person wins the national title they receive cash awards, prizes, and scholarships. They also become a mentor to the other girls.”

Her ultimate goal is to “impact others, empower girls, and stop bullying.” Collester participates in “natural” pageants, consisting of an evening wear section, an interview, and an on-stage introduction. “The media portrays the ugly side of pageants; these girls actually become the best of friends and really help each other out.”

American Coed Pageants, Inc., annually holds state pageants for the purpose of recognizing and rewarding outstanding young women between the ages of three and twenty-three for their past and present accomplishments and to encourage them to set and achieve high goals for the future. In states where pageants are not held, selection of state representatives is made through written applications and photos.

Because pageants can be expensive, Collester seeks financial support from sponsors all over Colorado. “It is an excellent opportunity to promote a business, as well as help me.”

Miss American Coed Pageants have been held nationwide annually for thirty-one years in an effort to recognize and reward as many outstanding girls and young women throughout America as possible, while encouraging them to set lofty goals for the future. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet