ASU Awards Karen Melgares for 40 Years of Service

By Antonio Griego |

Adams State University awards Karen Melgares for her 40 years of working as the library technician at the Adams State Nielsen library. During her 40 years at the university, she has strived to help students and staff to make Nielsen Library a great place that is full of resources for all people connected to the school and the Alamosa community. As an Alamosa resident, born and raised, she has always loved Adams State because of the culture and the people around her. In addition to her 40 years of employment at the school, she was also a student at Adams State and has stuck around for the love of the school and the opportunities that the school had provided her to continue to reside many years later.

Karen Melgares was awarded a plaque in her ceremony for all that she has done for Adams State University. She has always wanted the best for her students here at Adams. With her help, Nielsen Library has become the biggest library in the San Luis Valley. She hopes that she has had an impact here at Adams because she is always welcoming and makes sure there are more than enough resources for students and community members. Karen loves family; her mother and sisters still live here in Alamosa, so being able to work here with students she loves all while being so close to home is a dream come true for her. Throughout her many years with the university, Karen worked with Computing Services before transferring over to the library. She says, “ I loved Computing Services, but coming to the library was much easier and way bigger. I felt like I was in heaven because this building was so big, and there was so much to do with helping students academically.” She feels very honored for being recognized for her work here and says, “I feel like I am a part of the tradition here at Adams State.” She now feels apart of the history of Adams State, like Billy Adams and Dr. Richardson. Many of her colleagues are very happy for her to have been recognized and awarded because of the hard work and dedication she has put into Adams State and the Nielsen Library. Karen Melgares is an impactful part of Adams State, and she is always open to all and will strive for the greatness of others. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet