ASC’s Dirty Little Column with the Delicious Doctor Love

Dr. Chocolate Thunder is not real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously.**

Dear DLC, Okay so hers the deal I’m NOT the kind of guy to hook with a girl without getting to know her first. I have a 2-month rule. Anyways last weekend I hooked up with a girl I haven’t known for more than two weeks. I didn’t mean too, I really tried to stay strong but this girl is insanely attractive and I couldn’t stop myself. I really still wanna get to know her, is there a way to make this girl see I’m boyfriend material and not just an easy hook up?

CT: First of all you sound like a female. Man and grow a pair, the girls on the campus are dying for a relationship do you not have a Facebook? Every single post is “Omg I want a boyfriend” or something along those lines of desperateness. Insanely attractive huh? Well ifs he is as good looking as you make her sound no one is blaming you for hopping in the sack. In reality two weeks in college is quite awhile especially if you take a look around you’ll realize that most people are hooking up on the first date, and most of the football team is playing musical beds. So don’t worry about it. I fully respect your two-month rule; it shows that you have respect for yourself and women. You should figure out Ms. Hottie’s intentions, is she looking for a hook up? or a boyfriend? Once you know what to expect you can decide if this girl is worth getting to know or not.

Dear DLC, So I’m having problems with this guy I really like. Every time we get things figured out he says something mean and makes me cry. He says it cause he can’t stay with one girl but I’m willing to be open relationship, but I don’t know how to talk about anything with him anymore. Also I thought maybe he was hearing the rumors about me from people from that went to my high school. So what do I do, I can’t find any good guys even when I try.

CT:Sweetheart, where’s the self-respect seriously? A douche bag that makes you cry on a regular basis is NOT okay! Don’t cater yourself to his needs by offering to be in an open relationship if that is something you’re not interested in. I hate to be the one who crushes your hopes but he’s just not that into you! Example 1: if he was looking to have a relationship with you, even open, he would be easier to talk to, and he wouldn’t say such hurtful things. Example 2: if he really liked you he wouldn’t care about stupid high school rumors. So move on and don’t waste another minute on this tool


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