ASC’s Dirty Little Column with the Delicious Doctor Love

Dr. Chocolate Thunder is not real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously.**

Hello readers, and welcome back, I hope your break was everything you hoped it would be and hopefully you’ll have some questions or stories to send in to the Ol’ Doctor Chocolate Thunder. This week instead of answering questions I decided to share some tips for this fast approaching summer. Enjoy!
Don’t give up an opportunity for your significant other!
Turning down opportunities so you can spend the summer with your boyfriend could jeopardize your future. Believe me taking walks in the park with him isn’t worth missing your chance for an awesome job or studies. Only in college will you have so many great chances. Take advantage, and look out for yourself.
Distance is HARD!
If you’re going to be living far apart all summer and won’t see each other often, it will be hard.  If this relationship is nothing serious I’d say call it quits before heading home. If you do want to be together still then discuss expectations and remember to communicate all summer to avoid someone getting hurt.
New Friends!
Over the summer everyone is more chilled, people won’t be with their normal groups and everything is a lot less pressured. You will most likely be hanging out with old friends from home or new friends. You will meet a lot of the opposite sex. There will be a lot more temptation.
Summer Flings!
Everyone at one point or another will experience a summer fling. This is a fun way to spend your summer nights. Remember to go into this summer with an open mind, and with your guard slightly up. It is important to know that your whirlwind romance will more than likely end at the start of fall semester.
Have Fun!
Take risks! Do something crazy! Get a tan. Hang out with everybody! Summer is the time to take a load off and just do whatever your heart desires. You come first! Don’t let your friends; parents or relationships make your summer a horrible one. You’re only young once!


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