ASC Senate Meets, Discusses Schedule Changes

James Williams
The Paw Print

The Associated Student and Faculty Senate of Adams State College held their second meeting of the 2010-11 school year on Monday to discuss the proposed change to the Thanksgiving break schedule and the controversial poster policy proposal, among other topics.
During the AS&F meeting on Aug. 30, a proposed change to the current Thanksgiving break schedule was announced. Currently, Thanksgiving break covers five days. Under the proposed change, Thanksgiving break would be extended to cover a full calendar week, with the added days coming at the expense of the fall break in mid-October.
A second option included keeping Thanksgiving break at its current five days and extending fall break to a four day weekend at the expense of one other off day during the fall semester, most likely the Day of Reflection.
Informal polling from numerous senators and representatives suggested there was no clear favorite between the options, although there was a clear preference for some form of a fall break in October to be kept on the academic calendar.
At press time, no decision had been made in regard to any of the aforementioned proposed changes to the academic calendar.
The AS&F meeting on Aug. 30 also saw Ken Marquez, Dean of Student Affairs, present a poster policy proposal designed to regulate the use of bulletin boards and other spaces on the ASC campus where advertisements and promotional materials are posted.
In its original form, the poster policy stated that “the bulletin boards on campus may be used by the campus community for posting of a campus-sponsored event and products or services sought or offered by members of the campus community.”
Another provision of the proposed poster policy would be for all posters to acquire a stamp from select offices and staff members on campus that would require the posters be removed within 30 days of the stamped date.
Dr. David Mazel, Department Chair of English, Theatre, and Communications, spoke on behalf of the opinion that the language in the poster policy as currently proposed is a violation of First Amendment rights, and proposed his own revised poster policy that makes numerous changes to the language of Marquez’s proposal regarding the limitations of postings to only campus-sponsored events.
“As a public institution, Adams State has to obey the restrictions of the First Amendment and cannot restrict or make a distinction on the content of posters as a result,” said Mazel. “It can only regulate the time, place, and manner of the posters.”
After several minutes of discussion, Marquez stated that the poster policy was never meant to restrict speech, but instead that the goal was to make the campus look better by eliminating flyers being posted on light posts and trees.
The poster policy, while not subject to approval from the AS&F Senate, will continue to be altered until a satisfactory decision has been made. At press time, a committee advised by Dr. Mazel has been proposed regarding the matter.
Senate meetings will occur every other Monday night throughout the course of the school year, and conclude with an open session regarding student concerns. The next AS&F Senate meeting will be on Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. in the Business building, room 142, and is open to the public. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet