ASC Scholar of the Week- September 1

By Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print

Joshua Wohlrabe, has been the first nomination for the new segment called Academic Student of the Week. This segment will allow Faculty and Staff to showcase ASC students that have gone above and beyond academically.
Josh Wohlrabe excels in the music department. He plays a variety of percussion instruments from timpani to marimba to drumset, marching snare and marching tenors and a few hand drums. “It is hard to say what my favorite instrument is, but I do love the marimba.”
Joshua joined band his Sophomore year of High School and got serious about his music career when he came to Adams State. Joshua’s biggest inspiration in Evelyn Glennie, “she is an extraordinary percussionist who is very talented and legally deaf,” explains Josh. Another one of his inspirations is an old choir teacher, “his utter fascination and passion for music drove me to pursue and discover music for myself and share that passion with others just as he had shared it with me.”
In five years, Joshua hopes to be teaching at a small school and plans to keep on playing, giving lessons, and composing as well. Joshua and a few other band members were able to represent Adams State College at The National Intercollegiate Honor Band. “We made a good impression for being a small school. The music was extremely challenging and very beautiful, it was an amazing experience and pushed me to better myself as a musician.” Joshua Wohlrabe proves to be an essential member of our ASC Music Department. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet