ASC Plans Trip to Africa for the Summer of 2011

Jesse Medina
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Have you ever wanted to experience the Serengeti first hand? Does the thought of mingling with exotic animals and cultures scratch where you itch? Then you’re in luck. A trip to Africa is being offered right here at Adams State College.
The trip is for anyone. The trip can be taken for credit for upper division biology class or upper division geography class. Though it counts as credit, going for fun is totally acceptable. The main requirement is the small fee of $5,400. For obvious reasons a large part of the fee goes to travel accommodations. A scholarship program is in place to help with the trip’s fee; however, it only is applicable for science or math majors. The trip is being offered by Dr. Tim Armstrong who is professor of biology for the Biology and Earth Sciences Department and Dr. Jared Beeton who is assistant professor of earth sciences for the Biology Earth Sciences Department.
This trip is not the first such trip. It has been done on and off for several years. Africa is not always the destination as it is alternated with Costa Rica. These destinations were chosen for their rich geographical landscapes.
The trip to Africa is a unique opportunity to study and experience cultures and places that are dramatically different and exciting. The trip will begin with a connecting flight to London. A day will be spent there. From London a 7-8 hour flight to Nairobi. From Nairobi the Land Cruisers will be used for the rest of the trip down through Africa.
Once in Africa, the experience becomes really exciting. Land cruisers will be used to get to around and go on Safari. Camping enhances the experiences, allowing for travelers to get the whole atmosphere. Enjoying the wildlife is part of what makes the Africa trip unique. Travelers will also travel to villages along the way. Meeting with the peoples of the area will truly be an enriching experience. In meeting with the native people, one can gain insight into their culture. This would also include their day to day struggles and their relationship with the native wildlife.
The trips ultimate goal is to reach Tanzania and the Angorongo Crater. Also a destination on the trip will include the Serengeti. These places have been chosen due to their significance in the evolution of not only the planet, but animal species as well. Africa is considered the cradle of civilization and a hotbed for scientists wishing to explore evolution. While there, the group will meet with conservation specialists to go over the scientific finds of the area and their significance.
The trip is usually made up of between 10 to 20 people so the traveling group is small and allows for travelers to enjoy Africa on a more personal level.
The trip is scheduled for July 11 and will go through until the 24. So if you’re interested in spending your July with lions, elephants, and wildebeests, sign up for this trip to Africa.

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  1. That’s awesome. I actually went to Africa 2 years ago. It is definitely a great experience!
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