ASC Construction Continues, Projects Still Incomplete

Jesse Medina
The Paw Print

The new construction project to give Adams State College a new facelift is still continuing. Several facets of the construction project are still underway and are not due to be completed until spring semester of 2011.
Some of the current projects include a renovation of Girault Hall, parking for North Coronado, renovating the Student Union Building cafeteria section, and finishing the new Community Facilities and Housing Building.
As the completion of any of these projects, Girault Hall is still in the midst of construction. Temporary occupancy of Girault is expected by September 18 but may not happen until sometime the following week. The delay is due to a contracting error in managing supply ordering. The North Coronado parking lot is expected to be completed in late September.
The most noticeable unfinished construction project is the new Community Facilities and Housing Building. It is under one of four different contractors that are currently involved in the campus renovation. The Community Facilities and Housing building is “substantially done” says Erik Van de Boogaard, associate vice president for facilities planning, design, and construction facilities services. The restaurant section of the new building is in its final stages of completion, barring a few necessary kitchen additions. Its completion is expected sometime in November.
Most of the current projects are expected to be completed by the end of November. Despite this, the renovation project is far from finished. Mr. Van de Boogaard said that construction for additional parking on the corner of First Street and Richardson Avenue will, “begin following the spring semester.”
In addition, the Education and Social Sciences Building will have a complete overhaul. According to Mr. Van de Boogaard, “Bidding for the renovation of the E.S. Building will be in the final phases in November.” The construction on the building is expected to happen in December. Classes that are normally held in the building will be spread out to other buildings on campus. The renovations for the E.S. Building will allow for accommodation of an expected enrollment increase. An atrium with an adjacent outdoor patio, student study areas, and interior glass wall will open up the center of the building from south to north. An open stair well from the second floor study area will lead to the third floor. Overall, the renovation will allow for more space in the building as well as bring the building up to code.
The Leon Memorial Concert Hall will also be getting a facelift. Construction on Leon Memorial is expected to start in late October and be completed at the beginning of 2011. Replacing seating, flooring, and lighting are a few of the renovations expected. A new sound booth will be added, as well as a refinished stage and new draperies, a refurbished lobby, and new walkways leading to the Music Building.
The Music Building project is slated to begin in late February and to be completed in spring 2012. A new two story addition will add four practice rooms, a percussion studio, and two rehearsal halls to the building.
Altogether, the landscape of Adams State is changing to accommodate the future. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet