ASC Choir Groups Featuring the Choir Spring Concert

Audrey Martinez
The Paw Print

As the 2010 spring has snuck up on Adams State College, the chamber choir and concert choir are preparing for their spring concert. The concert will feature music from many different religions and will explore the conflicts among them. The composer’s music that the choirs’ will feature include William Byrd, Lee Hoiby, A. R. Rahman, Kurt Bestor, and Greg Bartholomew. The Adams State College Choir Spring Concert is at 8 p.m. Friday, April 30 at Sacred Heart Church. Admission will be $5 for adults, $1 for students, and it will be free to AS&F and to the friends of the music department.

The concert will explore the music of different religions, conflicts that can occur between them, and the hope of overcoming those differences. The composers that will be featured range from choral music composed in the late 1500’s to modern times and includes arrangements of traditional music from various religions. William Byrd was a great English composer of his generation, providing music for the liturgy of the Church of England and for his private fellow Catholics. The music of Lee Hoiby, an American composer, made notable contributions to the choral repertory including numerous anthems and choral works that were presented and heard at the Grace Cathedral for the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations. A.R. Rahman was the man who redefined contemporary Indian music, and this pride not only made it into his profession but a spiritual experience that helped his work. Kurt Bestor has many accomplishments with films and the compositions of chorals about the American life. Today he continues to work on musical projects portraying American life and conflicts. Greg Bartholomew’s music is performed across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia where his work has been performed by many ensembles. Therefore, the music that will be presented on this evening will vary in time as well as religions and experiences.

There are three choir groups at ASC, and two of them will be performing on this evening. The music at ASC consists of essential programs that commit to music and provide students with the opportunity to enhance their musical creativity and become members of a performing group at the college level. Choir has been offered at ASC for over 70 years and continues to offer great opportunities to students.

The ASC Chamber Choir is directed by Dr. Beth Wagstorm. Upon audition this choir is available to all students. The Chamber Choir consists of nearly twenty-four singers that perform collections from medieval chant to modern pieces of music. This choir performs on campus twice a semester. They are also given the opportunity to perform and appear at many festivals and conventions throughout Colorado.

The Concert Choir is also directed by Beth Wagstorm and is the largest choral ensemble established at ASC. This choir is also open to all students and consists of nearly fifty students from a variety of studies at ASC. ASC Concert Choir is also given the chance to perform twice a semester, performing traditional and contemporary pieces of works.

Dr. Wagstorm has been an active performer and choral educator throughout her life. She has received her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance and a masters in choral conducting.  She has conducted for many years and has contributed to many colleges throughout the United States. Dr. Wagstorm has worked with many conductors and has enjoyed performing a wide variety of ensemble and solo repertoire. She has also toured nationally and internationally premiering works from many composers and worked with  many artists throughout her career. She now is at ASC, directing the three choral ensembles – Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, and 68 West. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet