Art Department Expands Program Opportunities

Nathan Crites-Herren
The Paw Print

Preservation and advancement of the arts through education is something that Adams State undertook in early 1950, and since then the resulting Art Program has grown considerably.  In early 2000 the art department upgraded to their current location, which used to be the old science and math building.  The increase in space, which allowed for growth in the type of art classes offered, ultimately lead to an increase in full time staff.
According to Margret Doell, professor of art and the department’s chair, through their efforts the faculty and staff have demonstrated their ability to develop an art program that rivals any other program offering bachelor’s degrees in the state. Furthermore, the recently added bachelor of fine arts degree illustrates the strides that the art department has taken to expand opportunities for art majors.  “In the past ten years we have seen the enrollment in the art department double from around fifty students to more than one-hundred each year,” said Doell.
Understanding the validity of art in one’s life is indispensable to becoming a well-rounded person. For this reason, being inclusive to the general student body is something that Professor Doell has worked hard on during her 15 year career has the department chair.  “Not only are art classes for art majors, they are for all students and all students are encouraged to expose themselves to some kind of art class,” said Doell.  To encourage more students and community members to become engaged in art, the department will also be holding regularly scheduled movie nights throughout the semester.  Camille Claudel, Modigliani, Pollock and Basquiat will be the featured artists for movie night.
Art created by faculty is another demonstrative factor in the success of the art department; the current faculty show, entitled “You are here” encompasses a wide array of media, from oil paintings, photos to ceramics and textiles.  The artistic themes presented by the faculty touch on the abstract nature of the mind and the simplicity of life and death as well as political issues.  The faculty show is an important event because it shows the art students that their instructors are just as passionate about art has they are, according to Doell.
Currently, the art department has two galleries; the Cloyde Snook Gallery is available to professional artists from around the country to use, and is currently displaying a wide array of faculty art.  The Hatfield Gallery, which shows student art, is currently showcasing student art created during the summer semester. Every month of this semester, excluding October, the Cloyde Snook and Hatfield Galleries will be hosting presentations.  Of particular interest is the arrival of artist Robert McCann whose paintings focus on imagery that can be interpreted simultaneously as metaphorical and illogical.  McCann will be showing his works in the Clyde Snook Gallery Sep. 30 through Nov.3 and will be giving an artist lecture on Friday, Sep. 30 at 3 p.m. in the art building.  Another important event will be the graduate exhibitions in the Hatfield gallery going on through November and December.
The future for art at Adams State will have to contend with economic issues, due to recent budget concerns the art program as well has all other programs at Adams State will have to continue to utilize what they have while conserving for the future.  “Despite the economic crunch the art department will continue to offer the best possible education for their students,” said Doell. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet