Arizona Immigtration Laws

Anthony Guerrero
The Paw Print           

It is a sad time for the United States of America, as Arizona has passed a new “immigration law” which borders on similarities to Nazi Germany.  This law would make it illegal to be in Arizona as an illegal immigrant.  But that’s not where the problem lies.  It lies in what some believe is racial profiling, but what supporters of the measure are quick to try and deny. 

            SB1070, as the bill is titled, will require legal immigrants to carry their documentation with them at all times which means they can be arrested if they do not have proof of their citizenship or legal status with the United States.  If there is reasonable “suspicion” that someone is in the United States illegally they can be pulled over and questioned for identification by a police officer.  An American citizen could easily be mistaken as an illegal immigrant, especially if they are of Hispanic descent, since that is the ethnicity the bill is targeting.  It would also allow American citizens to be arrested if they are in the same vehicle as an illegal immigrant or are somehow transporting them, something supporters don‘t seem to grasp.  In Nazi Germany, Jews were considered second class citizens, had to carry documentations with them, and were subjected to inspections if they were “suspected” of being Jewish.  In Nazi Germany, German citizens could be arrested for associating or helping Jewish citizens.  It is laughable to me that the individuals who were somehow trying to paint the Obama Administration as a faction of Nazism support a bill in the United States that is almost identical to what occurred in Nazi Germany.  Where is the outrage of the Tea Party now?  Oh yeah, this makes them happy because their movement is racial and unpatriotic.  Don’t believe me; take a look at a new study done in Newsweek by the University of Washington. It exposes the Tea Party for what the majority of its supporters really are. 

            I say the following with caution and a grain of salt.  Tom Tancredo, a former Republican Colorado representative, known for his racist rhetoric in support of unreasonable immigration laws, has been mildly critical of this new legislation, originally stating that he was a bit concerned that someone could be “pulled over because you look like you should be pulled over.”  Though, I have to be clear and add, that Tom Tancredo is no foe or opponent to this bill, he quickly added that he fully supports this bill, and “if I had anything to say about it we would do the same in Colorado.”   Only days before this bill was passed he was championing it’s cause at a “non-racist” Tea Party rally, as some people in denial like to believe, he stated that we should send “Obama back to Kenya” and that he was elected by people who “could not write or say the word vote” or “say it in English.”  Most conservatives though, of course, support a bill that is real Nazism and not fabricated like their claims. 

            There are recent reports that Texas is the next state that will attempt to pass a similar unconstitutional measure.  It is unconstitutional because immigration is a federal issue, and there are clear civil rights violations that will take place once this bill takes effect.  Hispanic citizens who may have parents who are here legally, or are American citizens are going to be targeted unnecessarily by officers trying to follow this law, or those who will jump at the opportunity to abuse it.  There are plenty of case studies that support my assertion; look them up if you have any doubts. 

            Currently, Hispanic citizens and civil rights organizations are calling on the Obama administration to take action against this irresponsible law.  So far, President Obama has just said he disagrees with it, views it as irresponsible, and ordered the Justice Department to investigate the legality and civil liberties implications it will have.  Hispanic citizens have been quite critical of this law, since it sends chills down our spines, and has a chilling effect upon our right to live in the United States pursuing happiness.  There is a boycott being staged against travel to Arizona and against support of any companies from or in Arizona.  If it has any effect, then they really can blame Mexicans for hurting their economy. 

            For anyone who supports this law because of the belief that Arizona is only enforcing the law, it is not legal to racially profile someone which is exactly what this bill will cause.  If you want immigration reform, that is fine; we should secure our borders. But to demonize our own citizens is wrong, and that is what is going to happen if this bill is allowed to stand. 

            Join a good cause, fight, and be vocal about this issue.  We cannot allow radical conservatives to overturn our constitution and take us down a dark road that will only be a humiliation to the history of the United States.  We cannot allow similar measures to spread throughout the United States, we must stand firm in our objection to it, stand for good and legal border security, but remember that each citizen living here is a descendent of an immigrant, and that is what the United States stand for.  We are a nation of laws that should be respected, but we are also a nation of immigrants and that heritage should be respected.  Until next time, Si Se Puede! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet