Alternative Remedies for Depression

Abbie Stillman

The Paw Print

Do you or anyone you know suffer from any form of depression? Most might suggest that because depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain, that maybe anti-depressants are your best bet. Funny thing about those anti-depressants, they actually do more harm than good. Sure, they work for many, yet they are insanely expensive and for some a waste of money. Treatment for depression can last a lifetime considering depression is not something that just goes away. You end up spending a fortune on a disease that can be controlled for free. Medications are vastly more necessary as a last resort option.

As alternative remedies go, try practicing mindfulness. Enduring depression is a bitch, your brain is constantly consumed with negative thoughts and feelings; you are exhausted most of the time and have a hell of a time focusing on anything. Getting out of bed is a massive battle itself. Some people may prefer the calming and peaceful sensation of meditating. Utilizing easy breathing exercises and concentrating on being in the moment. According to psychologist Katie Sparks, “mindful meditation is very beneficial because it calms the mind.” Limiting your attention to the moment and concentrating on your current physical being helps you to see the world in different ways. Of course, everyone is different and practicing mindful meditation is not for everyone.

We have all heard the saying that laughter is the world’s best medicine. As it would be, laughter is a great alternative medicine. Find a few comedic shows or movies to enjoy or go to a book store and try finding a book that just grabs you. These strategies are very beneficial for raising your spirits. Go spend some time with a few friends who are really good at making you laugh. Hell, take any bad situations and find humor in it or make fun of it; sarcasm can be very helpful when everything is in the darkness. It does not matter what it is you find funny as long as you are receiving your regular dosage of hilarity.

Although all you really want to when you are depressed is be by yourself, it is much healthier to not isolate yourself from the world. Depression is a monster that gets much pleasure from manipulating and controlling your actions. It really loves to whisper in your ear about how pathetic and useless you are and will desperately attempt to convince you that you do not deserve to be happy or be with people who care about and love you dearly. Guess what, depression is very wrong. Withdrawing from society actually increases your brains stress response.

Perhaps try an alternative medication. Medical marijuana can help with several symptoms of depression. It brings back your appetite, assuming your appetite is also affected by depression. You will forget about the depression for a few hours and just enjoy life. It may also help you sleep if you are one of those with insomnia, which depression does not help with. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet