Adams Wraps Up Another Successful Autumn @ Adams

Savannah Schlaufman
The Paw Print

Saturday’s Green and Red and Salsa Chile cook off wrapped up the seventh annual Autumn@Adams week on campus. This year’s Autumn@Adams featured new events, but also incorporated events that have come to be known as Autumn@Adams traditions.
This year’s theme for Autumn@Adams was “Everyone Has A Story To Tell/Todos Tienen Una Historia Que Contar” and this theme was prevalent everywhere in the week’s activities.
Saturday, September 18, students, faculty and communities alike, were able to taste Chile and salsa, for $3 and vote on the best in each category.
Justin Atencio took the first place prize in the Red Chile and the Green Chile categories, with David Mize taking second in Red Chile and Roberta Chavez taking second.  Cheryl Ruybal’s Salsa won her first place, with Francis Slane coming in second.  Cheryl Ruybal also won first place for having the best decorated table.
On Wednesday, Dr. John Taylor and Dr. Marty Jones pioneered a new feature of Autumn@Adams, but doing “The Last Lecture.”  In Porter Hall’s packed room 130, the student-elected speakers addressed students as if it was their final opportunity to do so.
In Dr. Taylor’s address “Acting Heroic: Lessons from a Life in the Theater,”  he shared three lessons with his audience about being heroic.  Dr. Taylor, communicated that it is important to “be where you are supposed to be, do what you are supposed to be doing,” “give your energy fully,” and “choose your own success.”
Dr. Jones gave an address “Things I Learned Without Going to Kindergarten” where he shared lessons he learned, while never attending Kindergarten in Everest, Kansas.  His lecture was also filled with surprises, performing a song for the filled room.
David Zirin gave a lecture on Tuesday, September 14, entitled “Sports and Resistance in the United States” in Carson Auditorium. His lecture focused on athletes trying “to use this world of sports as a way to say something about the world.”
Autumn@Adams week started off on Monday September 13 with Laura Pritchett, author of Sky Bridge, giving a lecture in Nielson Library Commons and in Porter Hall room 130.  Pritchett’s lecture incorporated this year’s Autumn@Adams theme, as she focused on the importance of stories, and how they can bring people together.
As a part of Autumn@Adams week, the Art Exhibit “The Examined Life” was opened in the Community Partnerships Gallery.  It is still open through the end of September during weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet