Adams State Offers In-State Tuition to Qualifying US Veterans

ALAMOSA (March 9) – Beginning with the spring semester of the 2015 academic year, the Board of Trustees of Adams State University adopted a policy that grants in-state tuition status to eligible Active Duty, Reserve National Guard or Honorably Discharged members of the Armed Forces of the United States who enroll in Adams State University.

According to Adams State Veterans/Military Affairs Coordinator Matthew Martinez (USMC), dependents of an honorably discharged member of the Armed Forces are also eligible for in-state tuition. “I think it is something that should have been addressed a long time ago, and now we have the ability to take this project on, and be at the forefront of other higher education institutions across Colorado.”

The Adams State Veterans Center is located in the McCurry Commons Complex. “We understand that the transition from military life to the civilian world can sometimes be difficult, but we are here to make the transition easier,” Martinez said. “We have numerous resources to help veterans be successful in obtaining their degrees.”

Veterans can apply using the one stop form that on the website. “The goal is to have it right up front, and easily accessible to our veterans who are applying to Adams State,” Martinez said. “I do believe this will bring in more veterans to Adams State.” Adams State already accepts military credits. “I know that is a huge benefit for those veterans and with them being able to be granted instate tuition will be a huge benefit for them, as well as us.”

Vice President of Student Affairs Ken Marquez believes supporting veteran’s education is important. “I did not serve in the military so I don’t know what these men and women have been through. Since all I can do now is to be an advocate for them to get an education, then I am going to be the biggest advocate on this campus.”

Currently, the Adams State Veterans Club, Veterans At Adams State, has ten members, not all veterans. “The Veterans at Adams State are a very active group,” Martinez said. Activities have included taking Upward Bound students on a mentorship hike and hosting a debate between the third congressional district candidates and between local sheriff candidates. “They have worked very closely with the Veterans Coalition of the San Luis Valley as well as the Women Veterans of the San Luis Valley,” Martinez added. The club participated in Veterans Day events at the Sargent School District, participated in the Faith Hinkley Veterans Memorial Park in Monte Vista.

VAAS will host the Third Annual Banquet at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 18, at the Rodeway Inn located in East Alamosa. The event is open to the public. “I hope everyone will come enjoy a great dinner, guest speakers, and live music performed by Reveille 3,” Martinez said. There will be a silent auction and VAAS will be giving out great door prizes. “This will be a 1940s themed event and a chance to dress up and have some fun.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet