Adams State needs friends on Facebook

Armando Montano

Adams State College and Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO are currently in a friendly competition among the users of Facebook.  Each is trying to acquire 2000 more fans on their Facebook site before the other.   Adams State College is asking all ASC students, staff and faculty to add Adams State College to their fans list.

Currently, Mesa State has 3,057 friends, lacking only 408 friends from their 3,465 friend goal. ASC has 1,890 friends, lacking 1,136 friends from our goal of 3,026 friends. The numbers are definitely not is ASC’s favor, but long odds make great winners.

Several students on campus became aware of the competition and are actively advocating the goal to their friends everywhere. The means of gaining friends for another profile other themselves is not easy, as these students soon discovered. On individual profile, blogs, texts, phone calls and emails, word of ASC’s race for friends is slowly getting out. At a rate to win for Adams State going at nearly three to one against Mesa State, Students, Faculty and even local community is wasting no time in trying to flag down new friends on Facebook.

The Facebook Faceoff is all in good fun between the two colleges and has nothing as of yet at stake. ASC is competing simply for the thrill of competition and school pride, encouraging all students and faculty to get involved as a community over a very popular pastime. Perhaps putting something at stake for this competition or one similar in the near future will spark a stronger student response against Mesa State.

All students, faculty and community members who are currently on Facebook are asked to add ASC to their friends list, the sooner the better. Anyone who currently isn’t on Facebook is encouraged to join. To become a fan of Adams State College on Facebook, the link can be found at the Once at the homepage, simply click on the Faceoff icon to join and see the ASC and Mesa State’s progress. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet