A Pantry For All

Levi Savage Lowe

The Paw Print

Ever in need of food, but don’t have the money to be able to get some? Well, you are in luck because this article has great information for you! Adams State University has a food pantry that allows students to get free and delicious food, and it’s located right on campus in the Student Union Building! Of course, food is very important for you and it is strongly recommended that you take advantage of the pantry, as a struggling college student. The food pantry has all sorts of cans that students can choose from to get your daily boost of energy in order for you to stay up and running for classes. They have meat, soup, vegetables, and even fruit available for you to choose from… well, until you run out of points.

The food pantry has some rules in place to make sure that everyone can get an equal supply of food. The two rules are 1.) You can only visit the food pantry twice a month, and 2.) With each visit, each student receives 15 points that you are allowed to spend on any of the items in the pantry. Despite these rules, this is a great deal! Those 15 points can go a long way for a student in college. Ideally, with the bi-monthly visits, students would have the ability to make it through one whole month with one free meal a day.

The amount of points that each item costs depends on the kind of food. Usually, meat will cost you about two points, soups and vegetables cost only one point, snacks cost you at least one point, depending on the type of snack, and fruit can vary between one or two points. I strongly urge everyone to use this pantry because it is a great tool for you to keep yourself healthy at college by getting everyone’s favorite: free food!
Sometime, the food pantry will include a refrigerator filled with goodies as well, if you’re lucky. The food in the refrigerator does not cost you any points. That is right, the contents of the fridge is completely free and you’re welcome to take what you want from it. The last time I visited the pantry, I was lucky to be able to get one free apple from the fridge, which didn’t cost me any of my points! There can also be a freezer at the food pantry. If you so happen to be able to find something in the freezer, then you are very lucky because even though the food in the freezer does cost points, the items in it are worth it. I heard there was once a whole chicken inside it that someone received for just a few points. Now that is a steal of a deal! The food pantry is an awesome program that Adams State provides, and I recommend that everyone uses it. This pantry is here for your use, so stop by the SUB and take advantage!

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