A New Way to Treat Hepatitis C “One Pill a Day”

Steven Petrov
The Paw Print

Hepatitis C is a serious infection caused by the HCV virus and has always been threatened with adequate caution and persistence from medical experts. The virus primarily affects the liver and can lead to “cirrhosis” which can further develop into liver cancer and many other life-threatening conditions. The statistics about this infectious disease are purely shocking, with more than 150 million people being chronically infected with HCV, as well as more than 350,000 dead every year due to liver diseases caused from this virus.
The new treatment for Hepatitis C consists of a combination of medications and has been extremely successful in fighting this common and dangerous infection that damages the liver. The new approach towards curing the illness represents an effective therapy with only 1 pill/day without any kind of injections, contrasting significantly with the method practiced up until now. Dr. Mark Sulkowski, the head of the Center for Hepatitis, “John Hopkins” and also the leader of the study for introducing the new way of threatening Hepatitis C, has expressed his opinion that further tests and studies should be conducted in this area. Dr. Sulkowski also believes that in the near future this disease will be cured in a much easier way than what it is being done today.
The results of Dr. Sulkowski’s study have shown that when the scientists combine “daclatasvir” and “sofosbuvir” and threat the patients with 60mg and 400mg respectively, 98% out of the 211 people who participated in the study were completely cured with no trace of the virus within their blood system after only 3 months. This information can change the lives of millions of people infected with the Hepatitis C virus. The current weekly therapy consists of 18 pills a day and an injection once a week. If Dr. Sulkowski’s findings are put in action, this shockingly intense therapy could be reduced only to the taking of a single pill a day. Modern day technologies are moving with astronomical speeds and people are expecting the medical and pharmaceutical industries to keep up the pace. With innovations like Dr. Sulkowski’s study, we are successfully moving towards healthier and longer-living society.
World Health Organization

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