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What’s new with your ASU?!

Did you know that the Adams State Adventure Program has stand up paddle boards (SUPs)? Okay, okay- that is old news by now. While the SUPs have taken the limelight, many people don’t know that we have implemented a new program to get students outdoors. We call it Build Your Own Adventure! This new program is designed for groups to build their own experience based on their interests, using ASAP staff’s technical skills and expertise!

The San Luis Valley is truly an oasis adventure, but it is only as fun as you make it. At theGreat Sand Dunes National Park you can of course explore the mountains of sand themselves, but there is so, so much more to it. Within the park there is a plethora of diverse ecosystems, ranging from the high altitude desert environment that the dunes themselves are in, to the wetlands and grasslands, to the alpine tundra, and so much more! There are lakes to explore, mountains to summit and adventure to be found! But that is all only within the boarders of the park!

The entire San Luis Valley is adventures abound! Did you know that the valley has some incredible climbing spots? Penitente Canyon is among our favorites. Formed more than  30-million years ago by the one of the earth’s largest ever recorded eruptions, the area is packed with history — and incredible pitches! Tres Piedras is a gem we love to show off. Though not technically in the San Luis Valley, this outcropping of granite rocks offers some of the best climbing in northern New Mexico. Offering longer climbs than Penitente, Mosaic Wall and Aspen Gulch offer excellent areas to discover. Never climbed before? No problem! ASAP’s team of apprentices (meet us here) are fully trained and amply skilled to teach you all that you need to know to enjoy a day of climbing.

Not sure if climbing is your thing? That’s just fine. Our own apprentice’s interest vary too! Which means we have someone to help with just about anything. Whether you are looking for a leisurely hike with the family or a couple days backpacking or even a taking a spin mountain biking, our knowledgable staff has got you covered!

Don’t have the equipment you need? We do. Our inventory contains most of what you need for any outdoor adventure. Not a member of our shop? These items are available for a minimal cost. Looking for adventure all summer? Our members receive free week long rentals, with a discount on raft packages (yes- we have rafts!).

BUT- that’s not all. As we have spent plenty of our own time in the back country, we have found that there are many misconceptions about what you can eat under the open sky. We love to indulge in the finer things in life, like a Big Pickle breakfast (imagine the biggest, cheesiest omelette you seen- okay, bigger than that), lasagne, chicken curry, cake! We’re not only adventure enthusiasts, we’re food enthusiasts too. Let us worry about the menu, you just focus on the experience.

So what are you waiting for?! We’re waiting for you!

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