Adams State Adventure Programs

When You Have To Get Outside ASAP!



Mick Daniel

  • Title: Director of Student Life and Recreation, Coordinator of Adventure Programs
  • ASAP employee since: Summer 2004
  • First trip with ASAP: Coyote Gulch, Utah
  • Outdoor Interests: Hiking, climbing, biking, skiing, kayaking, alpine mountaineering, dog running, scuba diving, and dual sport motorcycles
  • Other Interests: Closet Tech Geek, Remodeling my and my wife’s 100 year old house
  • About: Mick received his Bachelor’s Degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education from Brevard College in Western North Carolina and finished his Master’s in Leisure Service Management from Oklahoma State University. He has been working in adventure recreation for the past 18 years and involved in Student Life and Campus Recreation programming for the last 8.


Bo Hutches

  • Major: Physical Geography
  • Minor: Adventure Leadership and Programming
  • ASAP employee since: August 2011
  • First Trip with ASAP: Rock Climbing Penetinte
  • Outdoor Interests: Rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, fly fishing, camping, mountain biking
  • Other Interests: Slacklining, reading, wakeboarding
  • About: Hi, I’m Bo, I grew up in Springfield, Colorado, and graduated from Springfield High School. I’ve always loved the outdoors, but now they are my passion, and I want to be outdoors for the rest of my life!

Ashley Bauscher

  • Major: HPPE: Emphasis Sports Administration
  • Minor: Athletic Coaching, ALP
  • Employment: May 2011
  • First ASAP Trip: NSO Sand Dunes and Zapata Falls
  • Outdoor Interests: hiking, running, rock climbing
  • About: I came all the way from Moorestown, New Jersey not knowing anything about Colorado or Adams, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the welcoming atmosphere of both. This is my second year at Adams State. I high jumped for the track & field team last year, and decided to take this current year off to experience the Adventure Program. Before I graduate I want make it to Australia to sleep on the beaches and surf everyday!

Ben Pluta

  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Minor: Mathematics/ Adventure Leadership and Programming
  • ASAP employee since: January 2011
  • First Trip with ASAP: Ice Climbing at Wolf Creek
  • Outdoor Interests: Skiing, Backpacking/Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Camping
  • Other Interests: Taking long adventurous road trips, running, tennis
  • About: I was raised in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains. I grew up to love the outdoors with activities such as skiing and hiking. I transferred to Adams State after the first two years of college in Vermont. I’ve been to about 25 US National Parks, but want to take road trips to almost all of them! There’s nothing like big skies and open roads.

Kyle Bufis

  • Major: Physical Geography
  • Minor:  Adventure Leadership and Environmental Science
  • ASAP Employee Since: March 2009
  • First Trip with ASAP: Yurt backpacking trip
  • Outdoor Interests: Backpacking, climbing, snowboarding, being a geography nerd
  • Other Interests: Reading, guitar and music, drinking coffee
  • About: Grew up near Minneapolis, MN.  Always enjoyed the outdoors but never really pursued it until a wonderful friend filled out my form to attend Adams State.  Moving to CO has been the best decision of my life so far and has fueled a love for being in the mountains.  I’ve come to learn that life has many unexpected paths and each year has only gotten better and better.  And as Dan put it, we should all “spend time outside and read books.”

Josie Popelka

 Major: Physical Geography
ALP, Environmental Science
ASAP employee since:
August 2011
First trip:
ALP backpacking trip
Outdoor interests:
Climbing, Hiking, Running, and anything that gives me a nice adrenaline rush  
Other interests:
Detassling corn
I came from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Adams State this fall.  I have always had a love for the mountains and for hiking growing up. As soon as I heard about the Adventure Program at the school, I knew I would be attending Adams.  Since I’ve gotten here I have picked up new activities like Rock climbing which has become my new favorite thing, and met so many awesome people. I have already gotten to experience so much, and can’t wait to discover more of the outdoors!

Monica Ramos Otsuka

  • Major: English Liberal Arts
  • Minor: Adventure Leadership and Programming
  • ASAP employee since: July 2012
  • First trip with ASAP: Spring Break Surf Camp at San Diego, CA – March 2012
  • Outdoor interests: Backpacking, Climbing, Hiking, and Snowboarding 
  • Other interests: Baking, Cooking, Cycling, Reading, and Volunteering
  • About: Altruistic and often misinterpreted soul. Proud art/book geek and outdoor newb. Born and raised in northern Mexico. Love the feeling of: trying a new recipe, being home, summiting a mountain, sniffing a book.


Cody Robson



  • My name is Cody Robson and I came to Adams State from Athens, Texas. Originally I came here to swim for the school but then I found my passion in the outdoors when I started taking the ALP minor and started climbing. I was always very outdoor oriented but when I come to the mountains that interest grew into my passion. I know I want to spend the rest of my life helping others experience what I love to do, which is to explore the natural beauty that this planet provides for us. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet