Welcome to the blog for ASU Women. We are a group of students, staff, educators, and community members who are committed to women’s research, rights, equality, safety, and well-being.

We are in the midst of planning the fourth annual ASU Women’s Week please click here for more info.

What we do:

–  Publish a weekly blog (guest bloggers are welcome to contact us with your ideas)

– Organize the annual ASU Women’s Week

– Organize a movie night during the fall semester with a feminist theme

– Coordinate women’s workshops on campus

– Arrange programs to help recruit, retain and empower female students at ASU

What we are working on:

– Establishing a women’s, Gender, & Sexuality center on ASU’s campus (volunteers and donations needed)

Stage one (complete) – finding a location on ASU campus

Stage two (in progress) – negotiations for funding for the center for 2017

Stage three – start center programming

What we would like to do in the future:

– Hold an annual award ceremony to honor those who have advanced, helped, and greatly influenced the lives of women at ASU and in the San Luis Valley.



If you are interested in helping with any of these efforts please contact us. We would love for you to join our Women’s Affinity Group. For more information contact Mari Centeno at lmcenteno@adams.edu. Visit this link for dates of meeting times this semester.

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I love this idea and am willing to help in any way possible. I have a stor that really could empower women and would love to help make things happen.

    • Pam thank you for wanting to get involved with ASU Women. We need funds for 2015 perhaps you can help us raise some money? Let me know if you are interested.


  2. This is beautiful. I am so happy to see the momentum and professionalism the group is bringing to this most important local and global movement (and of course, most significant to me as a women’s studies teacher, the Liaison for Inclusive Excellence, and a mom! of a daughter in her 20’s!) I’d like to set up a link for this from the diversity web-site, and integrate the events calendar with the diversity events calendar, easy to see and do, so someone, please contact me. Details aside, I know that identity around ethnicity/race, class, sexual orientation, gender, and women intersect impactfully, so I hope I can help with communication across these various identity groups. In sisterhood, Carol GM

  3. Thank you for the beginning of a great movement! In my studies and in my life experiences I have seen so much gender inequality. It makes me sad and yes I too would like to see a change! Let me know what I can do to help ASU move forward!

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