One response to “Pledge of Allegiance Not a Tradition on Most College Campuses”

  1. I hope people payed attention to this article. If you read closely you will see the proposal to remove the flags from the platform at the MA Commencement Ceremonies. ARE YOU KIDDING? I can understand and respect the basic argument for removing the pledge, but removing the flags of our country and state at a government funded institution? Adams State College will be in a severe and very disrespectful minority of higher ed institutions if this is allowed.

    To remove the flags is to neglect and to not include in the commencement ceremonies those students who are veterans. Those students who have family members serving. Those students who are leaving hours after graduation to begin basic training. Those students who are both soldiers and students. Don’t you think its worth preserving the flags on the platform since we live in the United States and these students are also participating?

    It is also appalling for Dr. Ed Crowther to make it appear that Joel Shultz is out of touch for being an officer concerned with our safety. The only ones out of touch here are those in academia who meet behind closed doors creating these polices without the involvement, approval, opinions, or inclusion of those it will actually effect.

    Shame on whoever has come up with the idea that it is okay to remove the flags. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet