Michael Martin, MSSW, PHD

I am a Professor of Sociology and the Chair of the Department of Sociology at Adams State College.  I grew up outside of Austin, Texas and received my undergraduate degree in sociology from Texas A&M University in 1973, a MA in sociology from Louisiana State University in 1975, a PHD in sociology from Washington State University in 1979, and a MSSW in social work from the University of Texas at Austin in 1986.  I have taught at Adams State since 1988 and have a special interest in social policy and the emerging field of evolutionary sociology.

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  1. Are you the nice guy who taught at the University of South Carolina in what seems like a former lifetime? If so, do know that every now and then I still think of my brief stint there, and I still think of you whenever I do. If this is you, I hope your journey has taken you to a really good place. Anyway, were it not for the fact that I occasionally drifted down memory lane, and were we not living in a world where (as my 8 year-old constantly reminds me) we are able to look for anything on the internet, I wouldn’t be writing. If this is a different Michael Martin, thanks for your everlasting patience.

    – Gary

    • Gary,

      It’s me and I am not much of a blogger. I sent the following e-mail to your address some days back.

      It is the same Michael Martin. I am not much of a blogger so I am
      e-mailing you. It is so good to hear from you. We lost track of each
      other after South Carolina. I left SC and drifted through the Mississippi
      University system and then I just had enough of the deep south and moved
      home to Austin Texas. I worked for the State of Texas for awhile and then
      the opportunity to take an academic job at a small teaching college in
      southern Colorado arose. The location and school were a good fit for me.

      Right now I am on sabbatical leave until the Spring 2014 and have been
      living on a small island off the coast of Honduras. That is pretty much a
      quick summary of my time since SC.

      What is going on with you? You mentioned an eight year son; that sounds

      Take care and I look forward hearing from you.


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