ACE Conference


Friday, April 10, 2015– Art Building, ASU Campus


1pm to 4pm “Safe Zone Training”

Vanessa Delgado, UCCS LGBT Program Director, hosts this Safe Zone training where members develop an understanding of LGBTQ terminology and symbols, history, concepts of privilege and identity development, and build skills for identifying and interrupting language and behavior that may be discriminatory.


Saturday, April 11–McDaniel Hall ASU Campus


9am to 10am “LGBTQ Inclusion in Athletics: Successes and On-Going Challenges”Dr-Pat-Griffin_300

Dr. Pat Griffin will discuss the dramatic changes in the visibility and acceptance of LGBTQ athletes and coaches at all levels of sports over the last five years.  The on-going challenges and obstacles to full inclusion will also be discussed, including sexism, racism and cisgenderism in athletics.


10:15am to 11:45am “It’s About Teamwork: Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Climates on Sports Teams”

The panel will be composed of LGBTQ and Ally student-athletes and coaches.  Dr. Pat Griffin will ask questions of the panel focused on their experiences in athletics and suggestions for how athletes and coaches can make their teams more welcoming and inclusive for people of all sexual orientations or gender identities.  The session will close with specific ideas and projects that student-athletes (SAAC) can undertake to create LGBT inclusivity.


Noon to 1:30pm Kindred Spirits/CIELO Luncheon “Tell Your Coming Out Story”


Afternoon Break-Out Sessions


2pm to 3:30pm “What’s Your Game Plan? Strategies for LGBTQ Inclusion in Athletics”

Dr. Pat Griffin will lead a workshop on best practices and policies for the inclusion of student-athletes and coaches of all sexual orientations and gender identities on sports teams. Coaches and Athletic Administrators are encouraged to attend.


2pm to 3:30pm  “Suicide – let’s talk about it!”

Kristina Daniel, MA, MBA, will present on local data, statewide data, college student trends and LGBTQii-specific concerns. Learn a little bit about what to look for and have a community safety conversation. Learn how to help break down some barriers to discussing suicide concerns and learn about local data to help support you in those conversations. There is help and support for helpers and for those at risk. We will be discussing our local response services as well as identify some myths and facts about suicidal behaviors.


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