Policy and Procedures

Only announcements and events directly related to Adams State University students, faculty, staff will be posted.

The Communications Office will post announcements twice daily. If your message is of an urgent nature, please call 719-587-7841.

Guides to getting announcement posted as soon as possible:

  1. Be sure to proof your announcements for typos, spelling, punctuation and readability. Any announcement that is submitted with more than a couple of mistakes will be sent back for corrections.
  2. Messages must be campus specific.
  3. Announcements may not advertise a commercial enterprise, alcohol or private event.
  4. Messages may not be politically partisan.
  5. The Communications Office reserves the right not to post inappropriate announcements. In that case, the sender will be notified.
  6. Messages will only be posted daily. Duplicate messages sent more than once a day will be deleted.