11 responses to “ASC Graduation Will Not Include the Pledge of Allegiance”

  1. In response to David Mazel. You raise an excellent point that I had not considered. I ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT DONATE MONEY to an institution whose board would make such a moronic decision. I personally would like to call on the public to show up on graduation day bearing our beloved flag, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance before, during and after the ceremony. That is, of course unless the brain trust at Adams State now feels the right to assemble and speak freely as protected by the First Ammendment to the Bill of Rights is illegal or offensive. And if they feel it does happen to be offensive, they can stay inside.

    I also feel that the corporate sponsors of Adams State College need to reevaluate whether they want their names and donations associated with such an institution. I know I will be looking twice at the list of corporate donors, and will choose, whenever possible to spend my money at corporations with the backbone to boycott ASC.

    And one more reference to backbone. Those ASC students who would like the community to see their’s should participate in the graduation day protest. Show the board they speak for the smallest of minorities.

  2. I would like to respond to Homer Wilson and to anyone else who, like him, is tempted to say “I will not send my money to an institution with no backbone.”

    First, Adams State College DOES have backbone. It took backbone for the board to make a decision that everyone knew would be unpopular in a patriotic area like the San Luis Valley.

    Second, it makes no sense to punish students for a decision that was not made by them. Adams State College is not the board, nor the president, nor the faculty. Adams State College is the students. When I contribute money to the Foundation, I don’t do it for the administration or the board or the faculty; I do it for the students. Why in the world would I stop helping students just because I was angered by a decision made by the board? That would be petty and selfish. That would be to put my own pet ideology above the needs of my students. I won’t do that, and I hope no one else will either.

    1. @David Mazel

      First, Adams State College does not appear to have a backbone when they change policy simply because the vocal few make ridiculous claims that being patriotic to the very Country that allows them to have a college and an education offends them. You illustrate the point exactly when you say that this decision would be “unpopular”…. we live in a Republic where our Nation is governed by the people. ASC is a State funded college that is part of that Republic. ASC should reflect the very people that support it. So if a decision is “unpopular” than that decision is not reflective of the people.
      Second, you act like the students had no choice in coming to ASC. The great thing about our Nation, of which we Pledge Allegiance to, is that we can choose to attend ASC or not. We can choose to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance or not. If the Pledge offends me so bad that I can’t endure it while others enjoy it, then I should find a new place to go to school.
      You and and everyone else has the freedom to express your opinion, believe what you wish and choose when to be offended. You, nor anyone else, has the right to belittle the opinions and beliefs of others simply because you are offended. We do these traditional things precisely because they are “popular”… If you or anyone else can’t handle that, then move somewhere where your beliefs are more “popular” with others around you.

  3. The pledge of allegiance is a pledge to our County–the United States of America. We are one nation with liberty and justice to all. You are against this??? Then to whom, or to what, do you pledge your allegance?

    We live in the greatest nation on earth and we have a standard of living higher than any other country. We have more freedom. We have more liberty. We have a better justice system…..and we do not want to pledge our allegance to this?

    What is the next step—be thrown out of ASC for saying pledge of allegance at any function?


  4. We live in the United States of America. How embarrassing that I have to remind people of that. Adams State College is a State funded college in the United States of America. Our Country has long standing traditions of honor, freedom, integrity, and leadership. The Flag represents all of that. It represents the fight that we went through to become a Nation and it is only by those values that we will remain a Great Nation. While it is everyone’s right to not participate, it is not your right as the vocal few to threaten any institution to put down the traditions of our Flag, our Nation and our Pledge of Allegiance.
    If I were to study abroad, why would I be offended when the host country does their patriotic bit for their flag and country? Wouldn’t I have already known that I was going to experience their culture and traditions? Maybe the students at ASC aren’t that bright.
    As faculty members, you are entitled to your opinion, but why poison those whom you have influence over to hate our Flag and our Nation? Only ignorant people would be so intolerable of the very Country that allows the freedom to have such institutions of learning that pay their salary. Just don’t come, don’t participate and move on.
    I invite anyone that is so offended by our Flag, our Nation and our Pledge of Allegiance to please leave. Find a new country that better suits your beliefs and values. The United States is suffering specifically because of people like you.
    While you may show your offence by not attending, writing letters to the President and making threats to influence policy, I will simply make the choice to not send my children to Adams State College. I will not send my money to an institution with no backbone.

  5. You won’t pledge your allegiance to the country, but the currency of the country is still good enough to deposit into your bank account. Try running your institution solely on private funding. Some students aren’t proud to be a part of the country right now, but does that stop them from using low interests federal money to attend school? Go ahead and be hypocritical, those of us who work hard to fund the federal government also defend your right to be hypocritical. Long live the double-standard.

  6. This is so sad to see Adam State College a once great academic institution has decided to bow to Anti-American sentiment. They just put the final nail in their coffin. All America needs is another Anti- American Socialist school. It was only a matter of time! King Obama strikes again – hid poison is flowing to every crack in this great country!

  7. You have got to be kidding me!!! I graduated from ASC in 1987 and am a proud wfe of a retired US Navy Chief, who dedicated 21 years to this country so that all of us could continue to have the freedoms we have ut seem to take for granted! I lost a co-worker on 9/11 on the plane that hit The Pentagon. I CELEBRATED the death of Osama Bin Ladin. We should all be saying the Pledge of Allegience in our schools and at every puplic function, because WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. To the student that said ““it was inappropriate and I wouldn’t want to pledge my allegiance to a country I’m not proud to be part of right now” and the faculty members that refuse to recite the pledge, I have one question for you. Why are you here?!? Why don’t you go live somewhere else if it is so bad here? We may not always agree with the decisions and actions of our country. However, we have the FREEDOM to voice our opinions, but we also have the power to change what is happening! Not all countries have this option. The freedoms this country provides to everyone is one reason my grandfather came to the US in 1921 from Italy. What about my right (and the rights of others) to show appreciation to this country? When we travel to other parts of the world, they do not change their traditions so that we don’t feel left out, so why do we? We all have the right to not partake, but we also have the right to show pride in our country. The United States flag should be part of the ceremony at all times, and if it is not, please do not expect me to ever support this institution. I am appauled at this decision by the faculty, students, student Senate, and Board of Trustees. You are spineless cowards!

  8. Legal Reasons?


    This is THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE in small town USA.

    You can not be serious.

  9. I don’t think they should play the Star-Spangled Banner before sporting events for the same reason(s).

  10. Throughout my life, I never pledged allegiance to US Flag, because of religious and personal reasons.

    When I graduated in December 2011, I stood and “respectfully observed” the recitation.

    Enough said.

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