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Teachers:  Jayson Mitchell is our STEM Outreach Coordinator (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Please contact Jayson to arrange for campus visits to the planetarium, Ryan Geological Museum, and any other STEM outreach opportunities. You can reach him at  587-7586, or

With its new digital projection system, Zacheis planetarium now offers many more ways to get your students interested and excited about science, especially astronomy and earth science.

  • Professionally produced full dome movies: Our library currently includes twenty-four full-dome movies (eight are available in Spanish!), for some of which we can provide educators guides so you can prepare students for the movie in advance, or explore the topics further in the classroom afterward. The full-dome movies currently available can be found on the Movie Library page.
  • Introduction to the night sky: We can show your class what the sky looks like tonight or any night up to 100,000 years into the past or future, from anywhere on Earth!
  • Solar system lessons: Any part of the solar system (or the whole thing!) can be projected onto the dome to allow for discussions of the types of planets (what about Pluto?), the phases of the Moon, Earth’s seasons, and many other topics. The solar system and the heavens can be viewed from ANY solar system body – the Moon, Mars, Pluto – you name it!
  • Earth science lessons: With our earth science software “The Layered Earth”, we can project the Earth up on the dome and zoom in to any place on the globe to Google Earth-like resolutions, including elevation relief.  That’s very useful for lessons like the shape of glacial valleys and meteor craters, river system drainages, etc.  We can also project a ton of geological and geographical data on the globe, such as land and sea surface temperatures, historical earthquake epicenters and continental drift, annual rainfall by region, seafloor age, and much, much more!

Remember, all programs at Zacheis planetarium are free of charge!


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  1. Hello,
    I run an after-school program at Alamosa Elementary School for 3rd-5th graders. I thought it would be fun to come over to the planetarium one afternoon for one of your showings. I was informed that there are some that are happening in the afternoon already. I was looking at October 4th going with my after-school students. I will have a total of about 10 students. Let me know is there is anything going on or if there is a better day to come.

    Thank you,

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