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ASC Trustees defer name change

The Adams State College Board of Trustees today agreed to defer consideration of a college name change so that it may be examined in the context of the college’s strategic planning efforts.

The campus had been discussing the merits of changing from a “college” to a “university.”  Adams State President David Svaldi explained the trustees determined such a change should be considered in light of the college’s mission, recruitment goals, and long-term planning.

Focus Groups Final Report

The finalized report of the findings from our recently hosted focus groups with regard to this ongoing name change discussion is now available. Click here to access this 23 page PDF file.

Recent story re: a name change at another institution

Use this link to read about the transition of Loyola College to Loyola University of Maryland.

Research on Peer Institution Naming Practices

Please use this link to review current research related to peer institution naming practices. This is an 18 page PDF document.

Administrative Update – Proposed ASC Name Change

First, thank you all for taking the time to comment on the proposed name change blog.  As most know, we have had several focus group discussions, as well as this blog to seek input regarding the proposal to change our name from ASC to ASU.

Regarding a progress update on this proposal, as President Svaldi indicated at the all campus staff meeting, contrary to what some believe, there has been no decision regarding this proposal.  The initial plan and schedule was to seek stakeholder input throughout the summer, complete the research and make a final recommendation to the Board of Trustees in fall 2009.

It has now been determined to lengthen the time allotted for feedback from ASC stakeholders given the response in the scheduled focus groups was minimal.  Also, distance online graduate students will soon be receiving a short survey asking the very same questions posed at the focus groups for their input.  Lastly, more focus groups will be scheduled for input, with the goal of making the final recommendation to the BOT in October.

Many of the comments in the blogs and at focus groups were focused on what the plan or schedule would look like if the change were approved.   From the beginning discussions of the proposal during the summer enrollment management retreat, the strategy and plan was to allow at least one year to accomplish the change.  Hence, if the BOT approved this proposal at the October 2009 meeting, plans to implement the change would not become effective until fall term 2010.  Based on discussions with other universities having made this same change, a year was recommended to accomplish the multitude of operational issues and changes needing to be assessed and/or changed.  Further, it was recommended that a year was sufficient time to expend current ASC stocks and inventories of different types, from book store supplies to printed marketing materials.   Finally, along with the recommendation to the BOT, if the proposal were passed, sufficient funding would accompany the approval to accomplish the change, supporting appropriate marketing activities to assure a successful transition.

Regarding the actual process of the name change, a transition committee would be formed representing all appropriate stakeholder groups at ASC.   This transition committee would oversee necessary organizational and operational changes, transcription and academic records changes and processes, and working with activities associated with marketing our new image.  All transition committee work will be transparent and include ASC stakeholder input.

We continue to value your input on this proposal.  As you ponder this proposed change, please be mindful the future of ASC may be at stake.  We must prepare our institution for success in the next millennium.

Position Statement

The administration of ASC is proposing to change its name to ‘Adams State University’. The purpose of this change is not to change the institution or the college. Except in name, ASC is currently a University in every aspect.

The purpose of this change is to improve our marketing opportunities as we grow in an ever changing and challenging environment. As a well defined University with easily identified and marketable units, Adams State University will become better prepared to serve our constituencies..

The higher education environment and business is changing. Increased competition and continued growth in the undergraduate, graduate, online, and distance education markets mandates we meet these challenges and changes. An easily identifiable and competitive position as a University will assist us in that endeavor. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet