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Introducing Adams State Mobile Web

The Communications Office has released our first iteration of our mobile website. is a great way to get information fast on any mobile device. Point your phone’s web browser to to get started.

Training for the new Bricolage

Bricolage Users – it’s time to find out about the new changes Mike has made to elements in Bricolage. Let’s meet upstairs in the Art Dept – Room 222.  For your convenience, I’ve set up two times to go over the below material:   11am Thursday, December 15th 9am Friday, December 16th In both sessions, […]

Site Redesign News and Important Right Navigation Info

Here is an update on what to expect in the next couple months with regards to our new site redesign.  Please note that the below dates are estimates.  We will be giving you more exact dates as soon as I know more: 1.  We will be freezing the current web site as well as access […]

Need help updating your site?

We are working hard to create a new web design for Adams State. Mike has been working on creating new and improved Bricolage elements that I will be sharing with you in the coming months. In preparation for the move to the new design, you may want to go through your individual sites and update […]

Deleting stuff in Bricolage

It’s tricky to delete stories and media (pdfs) in Bricolage.  If you feel you must delete something, here’s a screen-cast on how to do it. If you need them, here are instructions for how to best view the screen-casts. For more info on Bricolage and web writing in general, see all Bricolage Tutorials and look […]

A Peek Inside

Here’s a peek of what’s been keeping us busy on preparing for the site re-design.

Bricolage 2.0 Upgrade this Thursday

We will be upgrading to Bricolage 2.0 on Thursday the 18th.  You will not be able to use Bricolage to update your site on this day. Check back here for updates on the upgrade…

Page (Story) Creation Screen-cast

Take a look at how to create a new story in Bricolage… and a Right Navigation as well! See more Bricolage screen-casts

Bricolage 2.0 is here!

We will soon launch Bricolage 2.0 with its new user interface. Here are just a few exciting new improvements to expect: you’ll be able to re-order elements by dragging and dropping them in the content section. You can upload media elements directly into your page. The search feature is faster and more intuitive. Mike and […]

Web Site Color Schemes

We’re looking at a richer and more vivid color-scheme for our new site.  For example, we’re particularly attracted to the striking color palette used below.  Note the blue and green colors contrasted with the black menu and header.  All of this is set off nicely by the eye-catching photos. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet