Tuesday, May 4th, 2010...8:18 pm

Brand new TV.. then it went BOOM!

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Today, the most amazing thing happened.  I have been following our new TV’s via the Fed Ex tracking information they provided, so I had called in advance to warn the mailroom that we were expecting a LARGE package this afternoon.  A call from David confirmed that it had arrived and I sent two capable students down to load and unload the 250lb behemoth that was to be your new amazing 63″ Samsung Plasma Gaming station extraordinare.  Then, I went to a meeting.  Then another meeting, and it was 6pm by the time I finally got around to getting upstairs.  On my way I snagged two students who love to game in the loft and brought them up for a surprise treat.  We ripped off the cardboard packaging, delicately re-positioned the TV atop its new throne, attached cords and made ready for some HD COD action!  Woot!

After a couple rounds I went downstairs, feeling happy to have provided our students such a wonderful and not entirely destructive alternative activity.  Then I got a 911 text.. ut oh!  I sauntered back upstairs, to find two workstudies, a building manager, the two student I had brought up earlier and a janitor all standing around the TV with bowed heads, and a cloud of smoke rising in the loft.  Sigh.  The TV went boom, hours after arriving and much to the innocent disappointment of us all.

the big bang


I will speak with the retailer tomorrow, we have a full warranty, so dont fear fellow grizzlies, sooner or later, your HD gaming extravaganza will be returned to the loft!

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