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ASC Celebrates MLKjr Week

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A couple weeks ago Adams State College continued its annual tradition of honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by hosting many activities starting with community service projects within the valley and ending with our girls and boys basketball teams playing in his memory that night.

The service projects were held on Martin Luther King Jr Day, January 17th.  They included projects at Tu Casa , the Ginger Bread House , the Animal Shelter and the Alamosa Community Gardens.  Several students participated in this event from noon-4pm furthering the involvement of our campus within the community.

Next up on the agenda for the week was an exhilarating lunch time talk with the Department Chair of History, Government, Philosophy,  Dr. Ed Crowther. Known for his eloquent and engaging lectures, Dr. Crowther taught us about the history of the civil rights movement leading up to and during Dr. King’s time.

The highlight of the week was when our campus was visited by Reverend Samuel “Billy” Kyles. Kyles is not only the best preacher at his church, but the only preacher at his church as he reminded Dr. Crowther. He was also an avid civil rights activist. While looking at this man on stage, who at first was soft spoken, you would have never guessed that he was one of Dr. Kings closest friends, let alone the guy who stood beside this historic figure when he died.  Meeting Rev. Kyles was truly a once in a life time opportunity.

The week wrapped up with a home game for the girls and boys basketball teams.  The game had a great feel with everyone sporting their MLK shirts that they either purchased before or during the game that night. Before the game instead of the national anthem we all heard part of Dr. Kings “I have a Dream” speech.

As part of the Adams State Community I am proud that we spend not just one day celebrating this momentous figure in history, but a whole week dedicated to his memory.

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