Special Guest


Dr. Joe I Vigil is a guest speaker for both sessions.  He is a member of seven Track and Field Halls of Fame, and is the only American to have ever been inducted into the Lasse Viren Foundation.   He is the only American Coach invited to speak in five continents.  He is considered by many as one of the western hemisphere’s best clinicians of physiology and track and field.

Coach Vigil’s areas of expertise include middle and distance training, altitude physiology, the scientific principles of training, and training methodology.


It was wonderful to come back  to Adams State and honor such a decorated man. Someone that has contributed so much to the comminity here and the world beyond” Deena Kastor


2 thoughts on “Special Guest

  1. Not enough good can be writtern or spoken about this man, he is the best in all ways!!!

  2. Hello

    We are a swimminh team located in Miami Florida and we are looking for a trainning facility to bring our elite swimmers that are going to compite National and international
    the days are the two first week in June
    Please let me know if you can give us some information

    Thank you

    Alexandra Cobo

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