The training center will have use of all the amenities that Adams State University has to offer. 

This includes:

  • a state of the art weight room
  • a new training room
  • Olympic-size swimming pool
  • an indoor and outdoor track
  • Rec center
  • Alter G treadmill and WoodWay treadmills

The on- campus apartments will be used to house the students during the class session.  The apartments come fully furnished and also have a full size kitchen with a stove and refrigerator that allows everyone to cook what they like.  The apartments house three to a unit.  A meal plan is optional for those who would like to eat in the cafeteria for their meals.

One thought on “Facilities

  1. Meals are on your own. You can either dine in cafeteria for $20 per day for 3 meals or cook your own food at the apartment you will be staying at.

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