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The High Altitude Training Center

                                                    Welcome to the High Altitude Training Center in Alamosa, Colorado!  The high altitude training center (HATC) is a new and exciting project that is one-of-a-kind in this country.  It will offer a unique opportunity for college students at all levels.   The training center is providing an HPPE (Human Performance and Physical Education) class through Adams State University on how to train at altitude and the physiological benefits of it.  It will provide practical experience because students will be able to live in the on-campus apartments for the duration of the classes and train at 7,544ft above sea level.  The costs for the camp include both the housing costs and the class costs.  Come experience training at altitude and start your upcoming cross country seasons in better shape than you ever have before!  All levels of runners are welcome!

Alamosa is a historical town located at the southern end of Colorado and is home to the Adams State University Grizzlies.  The town is 7,544 ft above sea level and sits in a valley with 14,000ft mountains surrounding it. The running history in this town dates as far back as 1968 where Alamosa was the first to host the Olympic trials for the marathon.   The training center  opened to college students the summer of 2012.

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  1. You advertise a camp for a month of altitude training, but I can’t find any information on the dates and costs of the camp…

  2. head of Irish endurance running , looking at training venues ,

    regards chris jones

    coach to double european championship Fionula Britton

  3. Interested in training prior XC season 2016.
    Currently 2nd year runner Div 1 college in Michigan. Please respond if training schedule for next summer will be published.

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