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September 16, 2009

M. A. Humanities: United States History

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You are 30 hours from an MA degree.  Learn with us from where you are!!!  Your courses are all on-line through an electronic classroom called BLACKBOARD.  Although the classes follow a semester format, there are no established class meeting times, but most instructors have weekly or bi-weekly postings and established test times and due dates.

Core Courses    (six hours)
HIST 500           Historiography
HIST 591           Thesis

Elective Courses (Twenty four hours)
HIST 501           State History                                      

HIST 505          American West                              
HIST 516          Amer. Rev. & Federalist Era              
HIST 520          World History                                
HIST 526          U. S. in Age of World Wars                
HIST 530         Topics in Historical Geography         
HIST 531          Early Modern Europe                        
HIST 560          Cultural Geography                           
HIST 563          Civil War & Reconstruction              
HIST 564          How Writers Ended Am. Slavery                   
HIST 566          Western Political Theory                   
HIST 567          Topics in Political Theory                
HIST 568          U. S.-Latin American Relations       
HIST 569          African American Civ. Rights         
HIST 570          Readings in  United States History     
HIST 579          Special Topics
HIST 590         History Practicum   

For more information…

Edward R. Crowther, Ph. D.
Chair, Dept. of History

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