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SLV mammoth dig

ASC students assist Museum of Nature & Science
Dr. Jared Beeton takes soil samples at the mammoth dig.
Dr. Jared Beeton takes soil samples at the mammoth dig.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science received helped recently from 22 Adams State earth sciences students of Dr. Jared Beeton, who is lead geologist for a dig site in the northern San Luis Valley where mammoth bones were uncovered in March. The mammoth bones were buried beneath 13 meters of alluvial fan sediments and are estimated by radiocarbon dating at about 26,000 years old.

Porter Scholar Kayla Lanoue (center) celebrated her 23rd birthday Sept. 27 by helping to unearth a 26,000 mammoth rib.
Mammoth rib bone unearthed by ASC students

The site has a complicated geologic setting that serves as an excellent outdoor classroom. Digging, sifting, and meticulously screening soil and gravel, the group unearthed three rib bones Sept. 27, as well as numerous bone and tusk fragments. Soil samples are being analyzed in the ASC lab.

ASC AmeriCorps hosts high school students

The ASC AmeriCorps program/Office of Civic Engagement hosted 40 high school students for a Civic Engagement and Leadership Conference Sept. 12. The event kicked off the students’ year as HS Mentors through the AmeriCorps program. They will support their younger peers’ achievement through 300 hours of mentoring activities such as peer mediation training, making healthy choices, bullying prevention, conflict resolution, career exploration, and math and reading readiness. When the AmeriCorps interns complete 300 hours of this service, they will receive a $1,175 education award to use at any college or university.

High school students present their ideas at the AmeriCorps conference.

The term “civic engagement” can be used to describe diverse activities, including those that build on the collective resources, skills, expertise, and knowledge of citizens to improve the quality of life in communities, according to “Civic Life in America: Key findings on the Civic Health of the Nation.”

Conference guest speakers included Alamosa Mayor Kathy Rogers, who talk about engaged citizen leaders creating stronger communities; Rob Santoro from SLV Public Lands Center, discussed other civic engagement opportunities through the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps); Brian Rauscher from ASC Career Services explained future opportunities and careers in the common good that build on this initial experience with civic engagement, including the National Health Service Corps (loan repayment program for physicians who serve in high-need areas) and the Peace Corps.

Additionally, Aaron Miltenberger, ASC Student Activities Coordinator and instructor of Event Planning and Leadership courses, had students work in teams to define leadership and to illustrate what a perfect world would look like in terms of healthy choices, tolerance and inclusion, conflict resolution, career exploration, social success/intelligence, and academic success. Students also brainstormed what they would need to do to bring about those changes.

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