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Theatre production key to La Puente fundraiser

The Valley-Wide Health Systems annual fundraiser for La Puente homeless shelter, featuring the opening night performance of the Theatre’s production of  Little Match Girl raised more than $47,000. Twenty-four members of play’s cast and crew were invited to dinner at the shelter Dec. 8, to demonstrate the work the event supports. They also helped La Puente volunteers wrap Christmas gifts for the needy.

HPPE class aids non-profits

Students in Peggy Johnson’s Organization and Administration of Physical Education class coordinated two activities to aid area non-profits this fall. The class has not been offered face-to-face in several years and has been done online or distance ed.

A group of students from the class organized the San Luis Valley Special Olympics bowling tournament at Alamosa’s ABC Bowl, Oct. 25. Thanks to funding from the First Southwest Bank, the 16 athletes were able to bowl and compete in three separate games. Once the tournament came to an end, the athletes celebrated with pizza, donated by Dominos, and beverages donated by Pepsi. Some of the SLV bowlers got a chance to compete in the Regional Tournament in Pueblo, Colorado on Oct. 16. They competed in singles, doubles, and team bowling. The competition there was very stiff, with over 500 bowlers in attendance. Alamosa athletes however did very well, with many of them placing.

The HPPE students set up where the athletes would be bowling, solicited donations to cover bowling fees, arranged the pizza donation from Dominos, and also got one of our student’s parents to donate refreshing beverages for the athletes from Pepsi. The students went out to the businesses asking for these donations, hoping they would be able to get everything needed for the exciting day. A huge thank you goes out to the businesses that helped make this day special.

The class also thanks those who participated in and volunteered at the Monster Mash Dash on Oct. 30. Students worked with volunteers from La Puente to organize the 5k race. The money raised, along with any canned goods collected from the event, went to the Food Bank Network of the SLV. Any leftover food provided for the runners that morning was also donated to programs of La Puente.

The volunteer students worked with various businesses that donated gift cards to provide refreshments and prizes for the runners. Safeway and City Market kindly donated a $20 gift card each to help provide pre- and post-race refreshments (water, apples, bananas, and granola bars). Chili’s donated two $10 gift cards, awarded to best male and female costumes. Carlucci’s donated two baseball caps, given to the runners-up of the race; and Kristi Mountain Sports donated two $25 gift cards in addition to two Nalgene bottles for the top male and female finishers of the race.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications
Editor/Designer of alumni magazine – A-Stater